Declutter, Refocus, Refresh Your Mind

October 2, 2015

We all need to declutter, refocus, and refresh our lives every now and then, and Spring is the perfect time to do it.

Here are our top 5 ways for you to spring clean your mind.

Take your workout outside.

A very simple and positive step to take when the weather warms up, is to head outdoors. Taking your exercise outside will allow you to experience things you just don’t get in the confines of a gym or studio. Not only do you get a blast of fresh air, but you’re also forced to be more present when surrounded by nature. We are probably all a little vitamin D deficient at the moment as well, so get out there and chase some gentle sun, your body will thank you.

Reassess and reaffirm your goals.

Whether we document them or not, we all have goals, short and long term. Sometimes it can feel like we are relentlessly working towards something, but not getting any closer. We can lose track of why we were striving for something in the first place. Get out the pen and paper, and write or rewrite your goals. Pick a few keywords for each goal that will remind you of the ‘why’.

Replace a bad habit.

Something we all seem to want to improve is the way we eat. Comfort foods go hand in hand with Winter, and habits can creep in that aren’t in alignment with our goals. The best way to break a habit is to replace the action, and the best replacement for the Winter comfort foods is the incredibly vibrant, fresh Spring produce. Head out to your local farmer’s market and you can’t help but leave inspired.

Pick a new product each week to try, and really get creative. Often the farmers themselves will have the best ideas on how to perfectly prepare what they’re selling. The more great produce you add to your diet, the less room there is for the sneaky Winter comfort foods.

Organise a mini adventure.

Exploring somewhere new can really inspire a fresh perspective. Long distance travel probably isn’t practical, but just do a quick search and find somewhere close by that you’re yet to visit: a mountain, river, beach, or even just a new park. Organise a weekend hike or camping trip, rediscover nature, and let it remind you of what’s around and how lucky we are to live where we live.

Bring new energy into the home

Change is like a holiday for the mind and can help us refocus. The easiest room in the house to change is the bedroom, and a few simple things can make a huge difference.

  • Firstly, declutter the space.
  • Then, add some good quality, movable spotlights and you can shift focus around the room anytime you like.
  • Add a standing mirror for a different perspective.
  • Bring in a pot plant to freshen the air.
  • Or, add some colour with a bright throw for the bed, or some new art.


Article by Kathryn Simons – Founder of  Body Kinect 



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