Digital Detox 101: Finding the Right Balance Between Life and Tech Use

October 17, 2018

We’re all guilty of indulging in a little too much ‘screen time’ be it watching our favourite TV show or scrolling through a foodie hashtag on Instagram – digital devices can get addictive! In a world where we heavily rely on technology, learning how to achieve a switch on/switch off balance is key!

But how do we attain the ultimate equilibrium I hear you ask. Let’s begin with sunrise.

How you spend your mornings will set the tone for the day, so start your day off on the right foot. Your internal body clock is sensitive to light, and according to Natalie Dautovich from the National Sleep Foundation, waking up to bright, natural sunlight can be the cue your brain needs to start the day.

But don’t reach straight for your mobile phone. Waking up to news headlines, an inbox full of emails or cat videos (however cute they are!) will send your mind into a frenzy before you’ve got out of bed. Focus on you and your intentions for the day.

You can do so by meditating, bullet journalling or by simply enjoying a cup of coffee in total silence. Or if being active is more your thing, wake up, get up and go for a walk.

Aside from being very beneficial for your cardiovascular system, walking has been proven to boost creativity, and we couldn’t think of a better way to start the working day.

You might find yourself needing less screen time by practicing one habit, which will indeed change your life – productivity. Set aside 10 minutes early on in the day to outline your tasks in order of priority, and how to achieve them.

Organize your mind – organize your life!

When you’re working, be mindful not to spend too much time on any given task. If you feel stuck for more than 15 minutes, move on. But, use pen and paper to organize and migrate your ideas. As handy as digital apps are for systemizing projects, it can also be a source of temptation for browsing the internet or logging onto social media. Where you can, collate your ideas offline.

Are you addicted to checking notifications? Do you find yourself picking up your mobile device or refreshing your inbox more often than you care to admit? You’re not alone!

Since you’ve already created the habit of being on top of your notifications, switch them off. Set aside designated time blocks during the day, for example hourly, to go in and manually check your notifications. This way you will avoid being bombarded with messages at a time that is inconvenient to you. When you choose to log on to read them, you will be ready for the information and equipped to act on any tasks that need attention.

While avoiding technology altogether isn’t an option, designing your lifestyle to maximise the benefits from using our devices and also incorporating much needed “me time” will go a long way to structuring a balanced life.

As Arianna Huffington so eloquently put it, “Disconnecting from our technology to reconnect with ourselves is absolutely essential for wisdom.”

A better version of you is waiting on the other side of that switch off button.


About Samantha Lippiatt:

Samantha is an entrepreneur, healthy lifestyle advocate and co-founder of Australia’s first specialty wellness travel company Health and Fitness Travel. Samantha has an unbridled enthusiasm for all things travel, health and fitness and is committed to providing healthy holidays options that not only enhance but change lives. Samantha’s goal is to bring wellness tourism into mainstream acceptance in Australia and showcase that taking care of yourself can be both a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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