6 ways to keep your skin hydrated while travelling

October 8, 2014

1. Avoid wearing make up when traveling in the air, it clogs the skin and coupled with air conditioning will remove all moisture from the skin.

2. Speaking of! Moisturise, moisturise & moisturise!! Use a fragrance free product for your face to avoid any irritation.

3. Drink plenty of water before, during and after all flights. Aim for a glass an hour!

4. When you land find a supermarket or local grocer, buy a cucumber; when you arrive at your hotel slice it & place over your eyes for around 10-15mins. Relax & watch those dark circles disappear.

5. Use the same cucumber to hydrate your lips or alternatively use any natural oil; coconut and olive works best and is completely free of any chemicals or nasty additives.

6. Travel with a small bottle of Epsom salts; once you settle into your accommodation make a quick scrub using the salts and some warm water, gently exfoliate your body. A quick and cheap way to eliminate any toxins instantly smoothing the skin!


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