Simple Ideas For Staying Calm & Positive When Planning a Wedding

February 25, 2016

everAFTER Magazine’s Creative Director Nicole Snow shares advice on how to stay grounded and sane during the wedding planning process.

You’re engaged! Congratulations. Or maybe one of your best friends has asked you to be a bridesmaid. However you are involved in an upcoming wedding, this is a really exciting time but also a time where planning and preparations can become stressful and overwhelming. Let these simple ideas become your own personal mantras for a calm and positive approach.

Keep an Open Line of Communication

It’s important to be open and honest with your partner from the beginning of the planning process. Make sure you are on the same page about budget, theme and the general feel of the day. Get your partner involved in the planning and/or specific DIY projects. You might be surprised how great his ideas are.
Also, be prepared to compromise. Perhaps you are a ‘girly girl’ and your partner adores sport? We had a beautiful couple in our last issue of Ever After magazine who had a pastel pink and grey colour scheme and hosted a polo match between the ceremony and reception! The ideas that may have started as a compromise gave the wedding a unique and personal point of difference.

Have Perspective

While it is an incredibly exciting event, your wedding day is just that, a day. The planning of your wedding is a much longer journey than the day itself so enjoy the process. It should be fun! Ultimately, the wedding is a public declaration and celebration of your love for your best friend so make sure you don’t lose sight of that in the lead up to the day.

Don’t Stop Dating Your Partner

Keep doing the things you love to do together, like entertaining or spending time at the beach. Plan for non-wedding time with your partner and your bridesmaids. Similarly, make alone time. A yoga class, going for a run or any kind of physical activity will give you the chance to mentally de-stress.

Trust Your Suppliers

You have enlisted the help of your suppliers for a reason. Trust that they will bring your vision to life. A good relationship with your suppliers starts with respect for their professional opinions. Be informed by current trends but focus on creating a day that is an extension of you and your partner. All your decisions should reflect who you are as a couple.

Be Realistic With Your Expectations – Delegate and Allocate

Let those around you help with the wedding preparation. Set achievable deadlines and enlist the strengths of your family and friends. Perhaps your father loves woodwork? You could suggest he build a ceremonial arch or planter boxes for the table centrepieces.

Lastly, your wedding is going to be beautiful no matter what happens. It’s a given. If any of the planning starts causing tension set it aside for a couple of days and pick it up again when you’re feeling refreshed and enthused. Good luck!


Article by Nicole Snow 

Passionate, ambitious and with a love for all avenue’s of design, Nicole Snow is the Founder and Publisher of newly launched bridal magazine everAFTER. Her vision is to create a publication that inspires and is also beautiful and thought provoking for both brides and grooms.


I: @everafter_magazine


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