Do You Know What Your Body Is Telling You?

March 31, 2017

Our bodies are seriously amazing, often we don’t really give them the credit they deserve. Every single day it talks to us and gives us the vessel to experience the magic that is life! It tells us when it’s hungry, when it’s tired, when it’s sore when it’s cold, hot, happy, sad etc…But with our modern day, fast-past lifestyle, it can be easy to lose touch with this innate feedback system. The good news is we can totally re-sync this feedback mechanism! We just need to just bring a little awareness to what it could be telling us.

So we’ve put together the top 4 things that could be messing with its signals and what we can do to bring it back in alignment- including debunking cravings with nutritious, delicious food!

1. Sugar

We think most of us have gotten this memo we know that bread, pasta, sweets, pastries etc aren’t doing us much good…But even too much natural sugar or carbohydrates can wreak havoc on the body.

Too much Sugar (from carbs like grains and fruits although natural) can cause peaks and troughs in blood glucose levels which is why we have that massive energy crash an hr or two post meal- so the body asks to be fed again or searches for fast release energy sources like caffeine- hello 3pm pick me up!

Another thing sugar impacts is our ability to feel satisfied after eating so we’re more inclined to eat more than we need because the hunger switch doesn’t get flicked off.

The last little fact we wanted to share about excess sugar consumption is that it fuels inflammation and that can cause a whole list of nasties. (Don’t worry we’ve got a list of all the foods that can help get the sugar cravings back in check).

2. Dehydration

All of our major organs are over 50% water which means hydration is super important! Did you know that thirst and hunger can often be confused, as they trigger similar responses in the brain- so if we’re not conscious of keeping hydrated we may instead choose to eat food when we’re actually just dehydrated…

*Tip* Drink 2-3 glasses between meals and you’ll be working your way toward 2-3 L’s in no time.

3. Not getting enough GOOD fat

Fats are delicious and for that reason alone you should be incorporating them ;)! But they also play a super important role in keeping blood sugar levels stable, synthesising hormones and assist with energy production- which all have a huge impact on mood, appetite control and cravings FYI!

When we’re not getting enough of these guys we don’t have a consistent energy source so the body will once again signal for quick release energy sources like sugar…and CAFFEINE!

4. Poor sleep

The average adult needs between 8-10hrs sleep (give or take a little either side) to adequately reset but the quality is equally as important as the quantity.

We need the various stages of sleep e.g. deep REM sleep to stimulate the production of hormones that synthesis tissue repair and recovery within the body.

When we’re not getting enough quality sleep the body will run down and lethargic (because it weakens our immune response) and in turn produces more of our stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline- which over time can lead to things like adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance and other imbalances and you guessed it- it messes with its feedback systems!


So what foods can help you rebalance some of the feedback its giving you in the form of cravings?


Check out our table below:


Next time you’re feeling a little out of sorts use this little check to explore what your body may be asking for! When we work with it, it rewards us in more ways than one!



Article by Maxime Nolten

Maxime is the author of upcoming book healthy gut, perky butt, IIN health coach, speaker and Co-Founder of Maximum You. Through her years of industry experience and personal health restoration, she discovered that the key to vibrant health is in our gut and is now committed to sharing this message. All of her programs, workshops and one-on-one coaching via Maximum You, take an integrated approach to cultivating wellness- by focusing on gut health, self-care, movement and the mind, body connection.


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