Wednesday Apr 18, 2018

Transition Through Autumn Workshop

Melbourne, VIC
Through movement, meditation, and energetic knowledge, you'll tap into your own inner wisdom to create balance and harmony for the Autumn months. 1 ½ hour workshop with Sacha Stewart, Meditation Teacher, Kinesiologist & Mind-Body Medicine
Sunday Apr 29, 2018

Finding Stillness – One Day Retreat with Chris Wilson

Tanglewood Estate, Mornington Peninsula, VIC
Join Chris Wilson for a day retreat that will leave you feeling completely restored, reconnected and ready to step back into life with renewed energy and enthusiasm.
Saturday Apr 14, 2018

Warmth and Depth: Seasonal Balancing Workshop with Jo Buick

Join Jo Buick for 'Warmth & Depth' - a workshop designed to harness the potential of autumn and invigorate your energy for the new season.
Sunday Apr 8, 2018

Ground and Release: Autumn Ayurveda with Amy Coghlan

Melbourne, VIC
Join Amy Coghlan for an afternoon of healing and learn how to care for yourself, according to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, through Autumn - Vata season.
Saturday Jun 30, 2018

Heaven & Earth: Eco Yoga Escape

Northern Thailand, International
Join Evelyn Stavrinidis & Abbey Fox from 30th June to 7th July. Explore three destinations - an eco-resort, a remote floating retreat center in the middle of a national park and the rose of the north Chiang Mai.
Starting from $2,850
Tuesday Feb 20, 2018

Thriving vs Mindfulness – How to Thrive in your Job + Your Life

Melbourne, VIC
Join Twosix Wellness & MicDrop in the workplace wellness evolution and learn how to thrive and be mindful in your life and workplace. Connect with a community of like minded individuals who are ready to reinvent workplace culture and discover why mindfulness is the key to creating successful individuals within a workplace.
Thursday Feb 1, 2018

28 Day meditation Challenge with Manoj Dias

Online , VIC
Learn how to meditate and create a meditation habit this year with our 28-day meditation challenge. Led my A—SPACE co-founder and meditation teacher, Manoj Dias,
Wednesday Jan 31, 2018

The Art of Living Mindfully – A-Space

Melbourne, VIC
Led by Manoj Dias, this intimate workshop explores the simple yet profound practices of Mindfulness and Meditation and how we can integrate them into our lives. Ultimately allowing us to become the best, most vibrant version of ourselves.
Friday Apr 13, 2018

Presence in Motion: 3-Day Quest on Mind, Movement & Meaning

Wesburn , VIC
Presence in Motion is a 3 -day Quest facilitated by Al Jeffery (Realise Flow) and Alicia Crawford Bell (Liminal Life) inviting you to journey with us as we explore what it means to lead a mindful and purpose-full life.
Starting from $665
Saturday Jan 13, 2018

Create Your 2018 From The Heart

Melbourne, VIC
Through meditation, we connect to your heart to tap into it's innate wisdom for creating your 2018.
Monday May 1, 2017

Sharing Timor-Leste Hosted by Sharing Bali & Beyond

Timor-Leste, International
Think hikes snorkeling pilates fitness cultural richness and new friends in a place less traveled. Mulitple Dates: May 1- 6, June 12 – 17, June 19 – 24, 2018
Sunday May 20, 2018

Fiji + Fitness Hosted by Sharing Bali & Beyond

Fiji, International
Pack your bag for 6 days of rejuvenating fitness, adventure and chill time. It's your escape! Dates: 20 – 25 May 2018
Wednesday Nov 29, 2017

Bro Chats- Celebrating Men’s Health

Melbourne , VIC
To celebrate the wrapping up of another Movember, The Men’s Collective and Serotonin are teaming up to raise some cash and help some brothers in need with a night dedicated to the boys.
Tuesday Nov 28, 2017

Productivity 101: A guide to getting shit done

Melbourne, VIC
This workshop will help you discover focus, flow and managing your energy levels so you can seriously start kicking goals, because multi-tasking is just the ability to f*ck up more than one thing at a time.
Tuesday Dec 12, 2017

A—SPACE presents The Art of Focus

Melbourne, VIC
A—SPACE presents "How to manage our attention in a distracted world?"
Friday Dec 1, 2017

Meditations on Death: A life-affirming experience

Melbourne, VIC
In this intimate workshop, meditation teacher, David Packman, will explore how the practices and principles of meditation can assist us in contemplating death and dying, and ultimately how a more intimate relationship with death can allow us to live fuller lives.
Sunday Feb 18, 2018

The Mindful Walk

Melbourne, VIC
A morning of mindful walking and meditaiton to create connection and support mental wellness.
Sunday Nov 19, 2017

The Modern Woman of Wellness

Melbourne, VIC
The Modern Woman of Wellness is a one-day event for women who seek a life of wellness, happiness, and vitality.