Thursday Nov 22, 2018

Adulting Masterclass – Serotonin Eatery

Melbourne, VIC
Do you need some life advice on what it is to ‘adult’? Us too! Pick up valuable tips from Emily’s personal team of advisors, teaching you what we didn't learn at school. You will hear from speakers specialising in real estate, insurance, law, and financial planning, as well as invaluable life hacks on general health, wellness and stress management techniques.
Friday Oct 12, 2018

Serotonin Vegan Spring Menu Launch

Melbourne, VIC
An educational evening with Head Serotonin Dealer Emily.
From $63.33
Wednesday Oct 31, 2018

Free Serotonin Exercise

Melbourne, VIC
Struggling to find the time to workout AND BRUNCH? Serotonin’s got you covered with FREE mornings of energising exercise, nature and nutrition. Come get a natural hit of Serotonin that won't have a drop off effect.
Thursday Oct 11, 2018

8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Meditation

Melbourne, VIC
Want a new habit to kickstart your day that won't leave you flat? Mindfulness & Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) meditation can support you to better manage stress and pain, improve sleep, memory function & concentration.
Friday Oct 12, 2018

Rise & Shine with Twosix Wellness

Melbourne , VIC
Rise + Shine by Work Life Mama is a single day conference designed not only to empower and connect like-minded souls but to share learnings, stories and truth bombs around the critical pillars of work/life abundance and success.
Saturday Nov 17, 2018

Wanderlust 108 Event – Melbourne

Melbourne, VIC
Wanderlust 108 brings to life Wanderlust’s core mission, to ‘find your true north’ (to cultivate your best self) by combining three mindful activities—running, yoga and meditation—in a celebration of mindful movement.
Starts from $59.00
Tuesday Sep 18, 2018

Kickass Women: Slaying The Tech World

Melbourne, VIC
Join inspiring female leaders from the tech and business world as they share their learnings, failings and secrets of success in a fun format.
Tuesday Oct 2, 2018

#LeadingLadies: Achieving Workplace Wellness

Melbourne, VIC
Join us for a panel discussion on how to achieve holistic wellness at work and home, followed by a mindful pilates session with Emma from Twosix.
Wednesday Sep 26, 2018

Human Connection in the age of Digital Distraction

Melbourne, VIC
Join us to hear from a panel of tech, relationship and mindfulness experts who will explore how we can balance our personal relationships with our use of technology to build healthier patterns and interactions.