Every Healthy Kitchen Needs These 7 Tools

June 8, 2018

I recently made an $80 purchase that changed my kitchen, provoking me to think about all the other tools I take for granted. So I thought it’s time to keyboard down my favourites, just in case you have an Amazon addiction that needs enabling. Let’s go through my seven favourites, starting off with my most recent purchase.

1. Knife Sharpener

You don’t know how bad a blunt knife is until you sharpen yours.

I have two chef size knives that get rotated in my kitchen but prior to this purchase, they could barely cut butter. You’d dangerously slip your blade on tomatoes and nearly lose a finger.

One of the reasons I didn’t sharpen my knives was that I was indecision paralysis. There are so many ways to sharpen a knife and it’s hard to get a consensus. I very nearly booked a local sharpener to come to my house as if I owned a restaurant but I was too embarrassed to get only two done.

I looked at so many different tools on Amazon and finally pulled the trigger. I went with a MinoSharp water sharpener that is recommended by my knife manufacturer.

It is so easy and quick, I’m talking 20 seconds of effort, to get my knife into shape. And the sharpener works on my other (KMart looking, cheap) knife just as well.

2. Chef’s Knife

Before the sharpener there was, and still is, the original blade. My brother bought me this popular kitchen knife years ago. I’ve treated it terribly but it works a treat. Especially now.

I recently gifted the same product to a friend of mine and he loves it even more than me.

Great gift idea. As is the sharpener.

3. Blender

As you probably know, I blend a lot. At least 10 times a week. Daily smoothies plus salad dressings and healthy baked goods/pancakes for my daughter.

Unlike most bloggers, I don’t have a Vitamix. I did. Back when Green Press was a juice and smoothie bar. But it couldn’t keep up.

I know other people absolutely love their Vitamix or Blendtec, but I’m a NutriBullet man. It’s so tough and so easy to clean up. I’ve been absolutely hammering the Rx N17 and it refuses to die, or even show signs of aging. It’s like a combination of The Terminator meets Pharrell Williams.

I use it to make nut milk, hummus, cashew cheese and almost anything else that people think you need a Vitamix for.

4. Food Processor

One thing my blender cant do, however, makes protein balls. They are just too dry for any blender to handle with confidence.

I’ve got a $130 Philips model that’s almost broken because its made of (presumably cheap) plastic. So I wouldn’t buy that again.

If I was in the US, id happily try out the Hamilton Beach ones that get such great reviews and costs nothing. However, if that didn’t last long, I’d fork out the extra cash for a really good one.

5. Measuring Cups

Critical for anyone who spends serious time in the kitchen.

I’m sure you can get a fancy designer set that really pops your Instagram shots but I stick to the tried and tested aluminum style.

6. Cookware Set w/ Non-Stick Frying Pan

Any productive kitchen requires multiple pots, steamers, and an exceptional non-stick frying pan. I recently bought this Cuisinart combo to do the job. It’s living up to the reviews so far.


7. Storage Containers

If you’re taking food to work or batch cooking at home, you need glass containers. None of that thin plastic crap.

I can’t go passed these items for smoothies (1), salad-in-a-jar (2) and everything else (3):

  1. Mason Jars
  2. 1050ml Jars
  3. Fortrolig by Ikea


Any healthy home chef needs a sharp knife. That means an investment knife with a sharpener that you’ll use.

You’ll also need a blender, a food processor and measuring cups. Plus pots, pans and storage containers. Pretty simple and doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. Just choose the right ones when you buy them the first time.


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