Foods to help combat acne – By Laura Henshaw and Steph Claire Smith

May 11, 2018

Acca’s (give it a nickname, it helps) is certainly not just an issue for teens! Yep, annoyingly, turns out it can follow you right into adulthood. Having acne (whether you’re a teen or adult) can be seriously demoralising, causing stress, anxiety and frustration.

Pimples can pop up for various reasons. Skin cells clogging the follicle tube, increased production of sebum (the oil released onto the hair at the bottom of the follicle that keeps skin soft and waterproof), and bacteria getting trapped in the follicle resulting in inflammation are all major causes. But the list goes on.

Stress and diet have a BIG impact on overall skin health, as do hormone fluctuations and family genes. While you can’t control all these factors, what you can do to significantly help is make sure you’re leading a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular workouts. KIC meal plans and workouts are perfect for this.

Looking to boost your skin that little bit more? Try these foods to help combat your acne:

Probiotics can be found in our Keep It Cleaner kombucha, kimchi and sauerkraut (yummmm). They help to reduce inflammation by encouraging healthy bacteria to grow in your gut. How does this help your skin? Well, good bacteria helps eliminate toxins that can damage your skin with those dreaded red spots. There are also loads of other foods which help gut health. Unsure how to get enough of them into your day to day life? Check out, we have all kinds of delish recipes to make you, your tum and your skin feel great.

Brazil nuts
Any excuse to get a bit nutty. Brazil nuts are a powerful antioxidant and are rich in selenium, which works hard to protect your cells from inflammatory damage and preserve skin’s elasticity. One Brazil nut a day will deliver you your full day’s supply of selenium.

Green tea
Speaking of antioxidants, our old mate green tea is full to the brim with antioxidants that can protect you from environmental stressors. Drink green (or herbal) teas throughout the day to help flush the bad guys out of your system while letting the good guys in.

Zinc full foods (oysters, beans, poultry)
Zinc appears to be quite the kryptonite for breakouts. Zinc helps the body absorb vitamin A, a very important nutrient for healthy skin. It also helps accelerate the development of skin cells necessary for clear skin, cleaning up the inflammatory response to bacteria. Winning!

Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids (salmon, sardines, flaxseed, walnuts)
The fatty goodness in Omega-3 can help reduce inflammation by keeping it at bay. And, in turn it helps skin clear up faster by preventing and improving symptoms of common diseases and ailments (like pimples!). Try including fish twice a week into your meal plan or even incorporating fish oil tablets into your routine. You can also sprinkle salads with flaxseed oil, use ground flaxseed in baking and smoothies, and add toasted walnuts to your dishes.

Foods rich in beta-carotene (sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupes, peppers)
Fruits and veggies with an orange, yellow or red hue are often full of beta-carotene which converts within the body to vitamin A, one of the major nutrients that enhances your skin health. Try mashing, roasting or even eating your orange foods raw.

Article by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw founders



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