Free yourself to be yourself…Let your feet show you the way

March 16, 2015

Many of us have grown up with the belief that it is not ok to be whom we are.

We are all unique individuals, each playing a vital role that allows our society to function as a whole. Imagine how boring life would be if we were all the same! How would we grow? Who would take on the varying roles in society from nurse to construction worker?

When we are expected to perform tasks that are contrary to our nature, we may be left feeing inadequate. This is especially true when we are being compared to others shining and in their element. In childhood most children are expected to achieve the same skills and grades at school. We are branded as cool if we excel at sport, and we’re considered nerdy if we’re scientific, analytical or an IT wizard. Children who do not achieve as expected academically, may start feeling that ‘it’s not ok to be me’ even though they have excellent social skills or are great at sport. Alternatively, quiet children may feel inadequate when singled out in class or expected to participate in public speaking even though they may be academically gifted. The feet reflect how you perceive yourself, regardless of how others may see you.

Here’s a quick test to see if you are on track of being true to yourself:

Stand with your feet side by side. If your big toes are together from the base of the toe to the base of the toenail, then you are in line with your soul journey. If your toes are apart from the base up then perhaps you should reexamine what it is you really want from your life and what steps you can take to play to your strengths.


Article by Lyn Fava 

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