Friday Love – 6 things we're loving this week

October 17, 2014

This week we’re loving…

1. Local film makers Jessie Oldfield & Adam Murfet absolutely killing it with their short film for Country Road… Summer Wonder staring Gemma Ward. Bring on Summer!

2. Mental Health Awareness week may be over but we need to keep the conversation going…take a moment to read these honest insights into PTSD…‘The Battle After War’

3. Go and eat everything at Combi Cafe…. NOW!

4. Friday Best… Local talented ladies showcasing other talented ladies…Whats not to love!

5. Baz Luhrmann’s Chanel video is out…and we love the PedestrianTV review.

6. George eats… and so do we…Melbourne Foodie blog is a must read!

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