Get Centred

March 12, 2015

Ever find yourself feeling a bit all over the place, unfocused or not quite ‘with it’? Here are my top 3 ‘easy to implement’ tips to get you there.


Here’s an idea of what I mean…

  • Your idea’s don’t flow as readily as they normally do
  • Your communication isn’t delivered in the way you plan
  • You feel like you’re not quite ‘there’ or completely present
  • You struggle to manifest or co-create your life in alignment with your vision.

If so, you may be un-grounded and off centre.

Because life is much more fun and productive living from an aligned and connected space, give following three super simple and easy to implement tips to get you back on track.


For The Morning

If you want to feel grounded throughout your day, clarity will help to get you there.

So, if you typically roll out of bed and float through the start of your day without too much thought, try this little tip: begin your day by being present with yourself, even before breakfast. Take a few moments, focus on your breathing, and set your intention.

How would you like your day to feel?

What do you intend for yourself that day?

What qualities to you want to express that day?


To get you started…

Begin your intention with “Today, I AM…..” (compassionate, loving, courageous, focused, healthy, positive, abundant, grateful etc.)

By setting an intention, you’re creating a path for yourself to follow, and also providing an anchor for yourself to come back to if things don’t go as planned.


For During Your Day

During the day, we typically rush from one place to the next, flying or procrastinating over our to-do lists. Because it’s easy to become disconnected, plan out 3 moments in your day where you can check in with yourself. Notice if you feel off centre, participating in chaos, feeling flat, feeling ‘floaty’ or feeling overwhelmed.

If you do, step away, take a few moments to yourself, breathe deeply from your diaphragm until you feel connected again, and then re-set /check-in and align with the intention you created in the morning.


For The Evening…

After a long day, you probably feel like falling straight into bed. Instead, take a few minutes to ground yourself by running a warm foot bath, and include Himalayan rock salt or pink sea salt. The salt acts as a cleanser on all levels and clears toxins and stagnant energy that’s gradually built up over the day.

If you’re a fan of essential oils, add one of your favourites to your foot bath. After your foot soak, take it a step further by drying your feet thoroughly firmly massaging the soles of your feet as you go. As you do, inhale deeply through the soles of your feet.

Then cover your feet with a moisturising mask and pop on a pair of socks. By this stage, you’ll be feeling relaxed, grounded and ready for deep sleep.

When you wake, you’ll be ready to set your intention for the day ahead!


Article by Mel Farrugia


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