Happy Tummy Breakfast Jar

January 28, 2015

Our digestive systems are often overloaded during the Christmas and New Year period, from overeating rich foods and over indulging in alcohol. It is important to restore our digestive health with regular consumption of high fibre foods, probiotics and plenty of water. Maintaining a healthy digestive system can have a positive impacts for your overall health and wellness by strengthening the immune system, improving nutrient absorption, and helping to maintain a healthy weight.

The happy tummy breaky jar contains a good combination of complex carbohydrates to provide sustained energy and good source of fibre, proteins to help keep you full and healthy fats, along with antioxidants. Kefir is a great source of probiotics and can be used by people who are lactose intolerant (try a small amount first).


How to make your Happy Tummy Breakfast Jar…

¼ cup rolled oats

2 tablespoons pumpkin seed meal

10 walnuts

1 tablespoon of currants (Australian grown)

½ cup of kefir

½ cup mixed berries

Remember to enjoy mindfully!



Article by Karen Hill 

Karen is a university qualified nutritionist, completing a PhD in sports nutrition and exercise metabolism at Victoria University here in Melbourne. She is a mountain biker, self-confessed food nerd and promoter of simple healthy living.

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Instagram – @karenhillnutrition

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