Orange Rind & Almond Greens

This takes less than 10 mins to prepare and it tastes super fancy. Can be used as a side dish or as a main! You could easily add some protein in there too if you wish.  This dish is super green, loaded with vitamins, nutrients & minerals that aid in

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One Pan Beans with Chorizo, Artichokes & Feta

  SERVES 2    |   PREP 10mins  |  COOK 12mins Gluten Free  Egg Free  Nut Free   Ingredients 120g chorizo sausage, thinly sliced 150g mushrooms, sliced 1 brown onion, diced 400g tin crushed tomatoes 400g tin cannellini beans, rinsed 120g (3) artichoke hearts, in brine, cut in quarters salt

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Poached Chicken Salad with Creamy Coconut Herby Dressing

Ingredients for salad:

How To Detox Naturally- No Shakes, No Potions, No Pills…

Originally Published October 9, 2015 Spring is a great time to detox. Here are our top ten ways to do it naturally. 

How to Start A New Healthy Routine

Originally published September 18, 2015  Spring. A new season, a shedding of the old and a point in the year (other than the new year) where most people make a deal with themselves to get fit and healthy before the warmer weather (and the wearing of less clothing) arrives. If

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Why You Need To Eat More Carbs, Not Less

One of the least understood words in the diet dictionary is carbs. Carbohydrates. They’re scapegoats for ignorance, falsely populated as a single food group that makes you fat. Did you know that there are three types of carbohydrates? Not one carb. Not good and bad carbs. Three types. Sugars, starches

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NOT SO SUSHI BOWLS – From Keep It Simple with Shani

I am obsessed with this meal! The flavours are insane & it’s is so healthy – a perfect light meal for dinner! Sushi has inspired this meal, right from the nori sheets to the riceberry rice from @ecoorganics_au .  Sea vegetables like Nori are great to include in your diet as they

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Hawaiian Salmon Superfood Bowl

I created this delicious salmon superfood bowl last week which was inspired by the popular Hawaiian Poke bowls! This dish is a great way to load up on your veggies & healthy fats at any meal! 

Delicious & Simple Turmeric Hot Chocolate

The other day I saw that I Quit Sugar had an Anti-Inflammatory Hot Chocolate and it looked amazing! I wondered whether adding some raw cacao powder to my Turmeric Golden Latte would taste any good. So, I decided to make one and see.  WOW!! It was so so good! I ended up making

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Green Super Food Powders- What Are They and Why Take Them?

Green powders are made by taking substances such as organic vegetables, fruits and herbs (anything high in nutrients and antioxidants), drying them out and turning them into a powder. What’s left is a dehydrated form of the original substance, thus making consuming them very convenient and quick.