How to be mindful in the workplace

May 5, 2017

Being mindful at work sounds wonderful in theory, but how can you add that in on top of an overflowing inbox and never-ending to-do list? Research has shown that when your mind wanders and you go about your day in a “mindless” state, you are more susceptible to stress and anxiety, and in turn are far less productive. So how do we bring more mindfulness into our day?

Here are three small steps towards being more mindful in the workplace.


Give your full attention

Forget multitasking! Single-tasking is your new best friend. Be present when completing even the tiniest, ordinary actions like saying hello to your co-worker, replying to an email, eating your lunch and just connecting to your breath as you’re waiting for the lift to arrive. These little changes help to make the day a more mindful one.


Exercise the mind

Mindful exercises such as counting to 5 on your inhale, then repeating the count on your exhale help train your brain to be more mindful. The more mindful exercises you do, the easier your brain finds it to drop into a mindful state, increasing your brain function. We know it can be challenging to find time in a hectic workplace, so try to dedicate at least one minute of connecting with your feelings throughout the day – perhaps start when you are having your morning cuppa.


Value other people’s opinions.

Mindfulness is about being open to listening to and learning from others. If a peer makes a point that challenges yours, stop before you react. We know it’s easy to have a knee-jerk reaction to argue or answer back, but accepting their opinion is part of living mindfully. How? If you stop and consider in what ways they may be right too, this is a true act of mindfulness in life. A non-judgemental experience cultivates curiosity and respect in the workplace.



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