How to be more Mindful at work (without adding anything to your to-do list)

April 30, 2018

Setting aside 15-minutes to meditate in a quiet space in the office or practicing Yoga at lunchtime would definitely help to create less stress in your day… but let’s be honest – when your inbox is overflowing and you are working towards tight deadlines, the likelihood of this happening is zero to none!

Twosix Co-founders Bree & Emma specialize in Workplace Wellness and share some tips below on how to add more mindfulness into your day without adding anything more to your to-do list!

Take deeper breaths

Breath can be the easiest way to be more mindful. When we are stressed we often take more short, shallow breaths. By noticing our breath we quickly become more present. Take deeper breaths to help send more oxygen to your brain, and allow yourself more “inner space” to tackle that email from your CEO.

Notice how you are sitting

Slumping over our desks is something we are all guilty of from time to time.  Did you know posture can affect your mental state? In a recent study, “upright participants reported feeling more enthusiastic, excited, and strong, while the slumped participants reported feeling more nervous, quiet, still, passive, dull, sleepy, and sluggish.” So roll your shoulders back and sit tall and proud.

Eat your lunch mindfully

Resist the urge to scroll on your phone while scoffing your tuna sandwich! Use your lunchtime (be it 10 minutes sometimes) to be present and take note of your surroundings, your meal, each and every bite.

Recharge in between meetings

Use the walk to your next meeting to recharge. Put your phone in your pocket, and check in with yourself. Notice your surroundings, the weight shifting from side to side as you take each step, different muscle groups engaging. And hey while you’re at it – take a breath!

Learn how to say no

Innately we are pleasers, but if you can’t please yourself you are on a one-way road to total burn-out. Look after yourself first, make sure you prioritize some time for you – in the office and at home. So next time your colleague asks you to photocopy the photos from her daughter’s first birthday, politely decline

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Article by Twosix Co-Founders Bree & Emma 

Having come from over 10 years in a corporate environment both Emma and Bree are passionate about changing the culture of work in Australia, ensuring that wellness is a sustainable practice inside of all workplaces. Twosix Wellness is a Melbourne based wellness hub that provides down-to-earth, and practical health and wellbeing programmes for corporates as well as inspirational content via their online platform. Yoga & Pilates Sessions, Nutrition & Mindfulness Articles, Workplace Wellbeing Workshops and so much more – There are lots of reasons to get excited about the Twosix movement!

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