How to nourish the body

March 2, 2015

“It is my greatest wish that through the art and practice of yoga, we can begin to develop greater self-confidence, self-worth, energy, vibrancy and presence in the moment. I hope that your experience at Rise Yoga starts the cogwheels turning and that you find a pathway to that which you seek. Rise Yoga welcomes you.” – Rosie McCaughey, Rise Founder & Director

Our vision is to inspire people to embrace every inch of who they are –body, mind and soul. Through the practice of yoga, we move aim to move bodies and minds, nudging the boundaries of possibility.

Our philosophy at Rise is that yoga should be a shared experience. Our studio is a community united by a love of yoga, personal growth and inner peace. We aim to foster a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, and our teachers are always happy to have a chat after class.

Respect yourself. Love yourself. Empower yourself.


Head over to People + Profiles to read our conversation with the incredibly talented Rosie McCaughey!


Rise Yoga Studio – Level 1 – 232 Bridge Rd, Richmond


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