Is your house messing with your health?

May 18, 2018

We might think that we’re doing all we can to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle for our families, but exposure to nasty chemicals can start from within the home. Founders of Twosix Wellness – and mothers to little toddlers – Bree and Emma understand that maintaining the quality of health and wellbeing in the house by considering your cleaning products is an essential starting point.

Plant-based priorities

Our fruit bowls can be abundant with the freshest groceries and our water can be filtered to crystal-clean perfection but having a hygienic space has always meant that it was necessary for chemicals and their nasty fumes to have a place in the family home – or so we thought.

Having cleaning products that you can trust with little ones running around is vital – especially when they decide to eat their vegemite toast off the floor! Switching to products made up of plant and mineral-based ingredients minimises the exposure to harmful chemicals introduced in your home.

We can relax knowing that ecostore products are thoroughly labelled with all ingredients and provide a safer, healthier option for keeping things spic and span.

Clean as a whistle

While your first instinct might be to doubt just how clean things can get with naturally derived ingredients, ecostore guarantees excellent results by providing a concentrated solution perfect for a variety of surfaces. Take care of everything at once with ecostore’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner in Orange & Thyme, which has been independently benchmarked against the market leader to ensure the greatest performance. Their products have been tested across a huge number of consumers and households and they ensure that their formulas are constantly improving to give the best results, a big tick for us!

Take out the trash on extra waste

We can start addressing our impact on the environment by first looking at how much waste our household is producing, and how much of it is necessary or reducible. ecostore’s multi-purpose cleaner makes use of renewable sugarcane plastic, which is 100% recyclable as opposed to non-biodegradable plastics. Their spray cleaners are also fully recyclable and refillable with no metal parts, meaning that your household rubbish will reach an all-time low and your carbon footprint will shrink! Sustainability in general is a huge focus for ecostore, and their cleaners have also been tested for their environmental safety. Suitable for septic tanks, grey water systems, and of course not tested on animals – ethically speaking, ecostore ticks as many boxes as possible to accommodate for busy mums like ourselves, and mindful households alike.


Head to your local Chemist Warehouse to purchase our favourite ecostore product;

Multi-Purpose Cleaner Orange & Thyme for only $5.99 (500mL)


Article by Twosix Co-Founders Bree & Emma 

Having come from over 10 years in a corporate environment both Emma and Bree are passionate about changing the culture of work in Australia, ensuring that wellness is a sustainable practice inside of all workplaces. Twosix Wellness is a Melbourne based wellness hub that provides down-to-earth, and practical health and wellbeing programmes for corporates as well as inspirational content via their online platform. Yoga & Pilates Sessions, Nutrition & Mindfulness Articles, Workplace Wellbeing Workshops and so much more – There are lots of reasons to get excited about the Twosix movement!



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