Lamb Souvlaki Bowl from Tiffiny Hall

July 19, 2017

Gluten Free | Egg Free | Nut Free

Serves  2 | Prep time  10mins | Cook time  20mins



¼ cup quinoa

240g lamb steaks

1 tsp oregano

2 cloves garlic, crushed

lemon, zest and juice

salt and cracked pepper, to taste

4 artichokes hearts in brine, cut in quarters

¼ red onion, thinly sliced

120g cherry tomatoes, cut in half

6 black olives

1 Lebanese cucumber, sliced

50g feta, crumbled



1.Place quinoa and 1/2 cup salted water in a small saucepan and bring to the boil. Simmer, covered for 15 minutes or until cooked, rest covered for 5 minutes, then spread on a tray to cool.

2. Preheat BBQ or grill.

3. Combine ½ tsp oregano, 1 clove crushed garlic, lemon zest, ½ tsp salt and ¼ tsp cracked pepper and rub over lamb. Cook lamb for 5 minutes, turn and cook for another 4 minutes then rest for a few minutes before slicing.

4. Combine remaining oregano, crushed garlic, 2 tsp lemon juice and season with salt and pepper.

5. Fluff quinoa with a fork and divide between two bowls. Top with sliced lamb, artichoke, onion, tomatoes, olives, cucumber and feta. Season with salt and pepper and drizzle over dressing to serve.


Recipe by Tiffany Hall



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