Letting Go Of Old Emotions

May 13, 2016

“Emotions, shmo-shmotions.” Yep, that’s how most of us feel we have to deal with them, and I’m not just talking to my ladies out there. You fellas know it all too well, too.

Feelings creep up on us like, well Christmas, and we instantly shut those guys right down. We bury them so deep beneath the surface and carry on all like “We cool”… “We got this!”

We are afraid that if we let them be seen by the eyes of the world we’ll be labeled crazy, sometimes irrational, emotional, and my most hated…. A “drainer”

What we don’t know is that those emotions when stored deep within us, suppressed and buried beneath our bones, manifest into something a whole lot bigger than just a thought. They sit, they simmer and in most cases.. they burn.

Yes, we are absolutely entitled to feel anger, to feel sadness. To feel ALL of these natural human emotions. But when you are unable to release these feelings, to deal with them or let them pass, when we are unable to recognize when they no longer serve us, that is when we create problems within.

Holding onto negative thoughts is literally like drinking poison. It is never a good idea, and it will only harm you in the long run.


Here are some ways to let go of the feelings that no longer serve us, and release that negative shit weighing down on your beautiful soul.


Irrational. Crazy. Thoughts. Get them out. Speak your unclear mind, and suddenly it will start to make sense. Or if it doesn’t, at least once you have voiced them you will be more clear and confident to leave the thoughts behind. Trust me. Holding onto negative thoughts and suppressing anger, will only make it worse in the long run. Release them so they don’t feel so intense. Speak to friends, partners, therapists… your dog! Just get them out!


Your thoughts are just that. A belief in your mind, created by you, that can also be changed by you. Remember that you are responsible for the thoughts and feelings in your head, and at times, it may seem like they control you. But in fact, you have the power to control them. You have the power to create happier, more positive thoughts. Everyday is a new day, remove the victim mentality and work towards a more constructive outcome.


Sometimes, before I speak, I find it easier to write. Write down everything that’s running through your mind, then piece it all together. Figure out which things need to be said, and which things need to be burnt. Then literally throw those ones in a fire.


Yoga.. Breath…Silence… there are so many ways to meditate. Find a way that works with you – it by no means needs to be spiritual. To allow your mind freedom of thought without judgement. To allow your body peace without tension. To breathe, relax and really feel what’s going on inside, will have major benefits in this process.


Run for the hills! Jokes….Simply put your headphones in, put some J-lo on and pound the pavement like you are running away and never coming back!!  Then come back (obviously!). Endorphins will cheer you up instantly, and the fresh air will clear your mind. You will return if not with only a smile but also a new perspective on your old, stale thoughts.


Remember we are all emotional beings, that sometimes just need to hug-it-out. Be proud of your emotions, speak them and learn to work with them, because after all they are what make us the divine amazing humans we all are!


Article by Emma Udorovic – Co-Founder of TWOSIX Wellness 

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