Meet Brinkley Davis – Waterbaby Yogi & Eco Warrior

November 7, 2016

Brinkley Davies grew up surrounded by the water. At a young age, she decided to be part of the ocean conservation movement. By using the social media platform she has been able to raise awareness and spread the word on many issues worldwide that are being battled by conservationists and scientists, in order to save the oceans, the planet, and thousands of species.

Brinkley is a Marine Biologist, surfer, and freediver. The ocean is her sanctuary. It is where she finds freedom, and where she continues to learn about it, and protect it. Her mantra is “Conservation begins with awareness, awareness influences action, and with action, we can make changes happen.”

Today I caught up with the gorgeous Brinkley Davies…


Three words that describe you: Open-minded, Compassionate , Driven. 

What are you inspired by: The Ocean, animals, and people who never give up on their goals.

When did your passion for ocean conservation start: I was 4 and learned to surf.

The one thing that makes you happy: Being near the sea

The best thing about your job is: Seeing new places, being around wildlife all the time, and learning new things every day.

If you had a tip for someone setting out on a career in your profession it would be: Choose the path you want to take and chase it until you make it.

Whats your highest qualification: BsC Marine Biology + Coxswains + PADI Dive Master 

What are you driven and motivated by: the memories and experiences I already have in my career so far, the ability to learn and experience so much more.

What do other people would describe you as: a go getter, energetic, will often choose animals over people haha.

What do you consider the greatest challenge facing the ocean: ocean acidification 

Whats your most significant environmental achievement: contributing to toothed whale research off Kona Hawaii, or volunteering with Ecocean Whale Shark conservation in Exmouth.

If you were an animal what would you be: an Orca

Whats your favourite yoga pose: Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Why do you love yoga: Yoga calms my mind and my body at the same time.


Brinkley Davies yogi peace club

Brinkley Davies yogi peace club


Interview by Emma Barr – Owner & Founder of Yogi. Peace. Club


I: @yogipeaceclub

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Images Courtesy of Brinkley Davies
Wearing the latest Ultra High Yoga Pants and Yoga Top from Yogi Peace Club
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