Meet Katie Lanigan – Owner of Glutenfree Lance

April 15, 2015

Meet the beautiful and petite talent behind Glutenfree Lance – Katie’s blog is for those of us who crave gluten free recipes, fructose free options, and tips for healthy eating and living, On top of that Katie is finalising her second e-book! She also has a killer Instagram with thousands of loyal followers- Including Jodhi Meares! We’re so thrilled to welcome her to the Twosixmag Community…

Katie, can you tell our readers a little about you and your journey to wellness?

Basically where I am at right now is in a really, happy, healthy, great place. I am about to get married, turning 30 this year, love my work/life balance and being a plant based vegan. It has been a long journey to arrive here but here I am! Totally open, making light of things, making fun of myself but mainly just inspiring people to eat simple, healthy food and giving it to them straight. My recipes at GFL are refined sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan and require (most of the time) very minimal cooking time and fuss. PREP is key baby.

I have worn many hats in my time from, singer, performer, stylist, to writer and wellness yogi at Lululemon. My GFL hat came about from a love of creative cooking using whole foods and my love of writing. It is literally the best of both worlds as I get to combine the two. It acts as a writing service and also provides followers with tangible recipes and tips.

We’re totally obsessed with everything Glutenfree Lance! Can you tell us about your business?

GFL was born out of my love for writing and my deepened journey with health and wellness. I discovered I was intolerant to gluten while living in Byron Bay years ago and for the first time in my life really got into cooking and shopping for fresh local produce. I studied journalism and writing/literature so it was a natural progression and happened pretty organically. I used to write and work in fashion before realising it wasn’t really filling my cup, i soon realised health and wellness was where it was at for me. The name and idea came to me in bed late one night (as many creative thoughts do) then I trademarked the name and put it into motion. Since then I have run workshops, catered food, hosted an event, released a mini ebook and gained many friends and followers in my community and all over the world. You gotta love Instagram.

Have you always been conscious of your own health and wellbeing?

NO! totally not! I was pretty unhealthy there for a while and wasn’t nourishing my body, now I’m obsessed with living a plant based life and sharing with other people how easy, fun and delicious it can be! I am coming up to my 1 year anniversary of being completely vegan.

Life is about learning, discovering, feeling, falling and failing….I cannot live with regrets as I feel it is a dangerous road, I absolutely have made mistakes, been unwell, trashed my body before and gone through some pretty dark times. BUT the light now, oh baby when you see and feel that light it’s a beautiful thing! They’re not wrong when they say ‘you are what you eat.’ I feel lighter in my body, more connected to food and appreciate the simplicity of food. I literally marvel at how amazing a banana is, or a coconut, mother nature is a magical thing 🙂

When you made those changes, what did you learn about your mind and body?

That they truly rely on one another. If I eat crappy food or don’t exercise I feel crap too. I get irritable, moody, tired, feel flat and my digestion goes crazy! I have a super sensitive tummy and have only really just learned how to keep it under control. It is not easy feat it took me years….trust me! It’s about commitment, it’s a choice and a really fun discovery.

Can you tell us what a typical day in the life of Glutenfree Lance looks like?

My days change which I love, a ‘typical’ day would see me wake up and have some hot water and lemon, followed my almond milk latte and masssssiivvveee green smoothie! I try to go to yoga in the mornings or evenings at least 3 times a week but I am currently doing the Kayla Itsines BBG so I only go once or twice a week. So before or after work I do a BBG 1/2 work out (which are SO hard core) or go to yoga and Pilates. My days always include some food prepping, getting to emails, checking in on my gluten freelance emails too, recipe testing and I also work for Lululemon. So I am hanging out with my wonderful community in Prahran laughing and learning with my colleges and feeling privileged to be in the wicked world of yoga.

There is an enormous increase in mental illness particularly amongst young people. What do you believe is happening? Is it social media? Is it society’s expectations? What are your thoughts regarding mental illness?

It’s definitely a natural thing for women to be conscious of their weight and looks and I absolutely think the media and particularly the internet is a crazy place these days. The fact there are pages dedicated to being skinny and a hashtag #thinspo says it all. I think it’s important for all women to continue empowering one another and to follow people that are aligned or like-minded. For example anyone that I feel is being negative or says anything nasty- I just ignore, unfollow or delete. I am not someone who is sure if mental illness is linked to social media but it can’t be helping those who are easily vulnerable or insecure. I don’t really know enough about it to have an opinion. All I can say is following a diet rich in fruit, veggies, no meat, dairy or animal products, sweating, meditating, laughing, practicing yoga can in rich your life powerfully and are all positive tools to enhance happiness! I think girls need to know that you can eat chocolate that is good for you too! haha! Cacao, raw, organic chocolate has the power to make you feel good at the worst of times.

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

Brace yourself! haha And keep dancing!

When do you feel most balanced?

After a great warm yoga class.

Who has been an important influence in your life?

My mum, family, friendships, poets, musicians, spiritual people like John Lennon, Dalai Lama, Lauryn Hill. My mamma she is the most amazing, strong, woman!

What do you believe is the most important change people should make if they want to be kinder to themselves?

Food choices. It’s the one thing in this world you can control. You have control over what you put into your mouth and body. Fuel it with amazing, healthy food and for me a huge shift changed in my life when I changed my surroundings. I truly believe that ‘you are your environment.’ Toxic people will make you feel toxic. Look at your life and see if there are people or places you could do without.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

See my family, catch up with friends and just slow it down and chill with my fiance. We both have are own businesses and busy schedules so the simple things and down time we relish in. I love my life though and wouldn’t change it. Just yesterday I had the most ideal day off. My fiance and I went to hot yoga (yes he came with me yay) then to my favourite vegan cafe for breakfast. We then shopped at the markets, cleaned the house, sat in the sunshine all afternoon until night fall with both our parents. Then cuddled on the couch and watched I am Sam.

What are the most important things you’ve experienced so far?

After having chronic fatigue syndrome and so many health challenges and setbacks, I have really learnt that you are your experiences and your choices. I have in the past, neglected my health but also came full circle and now really look after it. I surround myself with good people, eat good food, live a cruelty-free life, and listen to my body when it tells me it’s had enough. I suffer from sensitive sleep and memory issues from CFS so I know that at a certain point at night I need to switch off the creativity and if I am feeling unwell I need to speak up at work, communicate with my partner and myself, cut down on my workouts and rest and drink LOADS of water.

I have also experienced that you need balance. It is OK to have a late night and a few drinks, but you need to make up for it. It is OK to say no to something when you have 100 things on.Throughout my health journey, my experiences have taught me that sometimes you just have surrender…and that’s OK. Surrendering is as tough as finding balance, a fine art but so valuable when you reach that place.

And lastly the most important thing really is LOVE. When you have that, other things seem to align and start to work out too. I am now (finally) lucky in love.

Favourite go-to homemade meal…

Quinoa with crispy green kale salad and sweet potato chips. OR my super speedy chocolate mousse it can be like a dessert or like a meal 🙂 Made with avocado, cacao, almond milk, banana and a few other bits.

Lastly. Do you have any upcoming workshops for our readers to attend?

No workshops as I am working full time, I have my wedding in 4 weeks followed by a much-needed break…BUT I am working on a 2-week vegan-detox program due to come out in winter. I’m sp excited about this so stay tuned! Loads of yummy easy GFL recipes will be featured plus healthy tangible tools to create nourishing meals, smoothies and snacks. 100% free from gluten, sugar, dairy and soy plus 3 recipes every day plus snacks for 2 weeks. It’s going to be an epic and easy guide to vegan life!

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While Katie specialises in writing for the health and wellness sector, she’s not limited to green shakes and acai bowls. If you need some words, a recipe or just want to say hello send her an email at  



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