Meet Local Love Haylie Doyle From Healthy Hens

February 1, 2017

Healthy Hens is a fresh and much-needed makeover to the traditional and often boozy hens party… offering a range of activities from Yoga, Pilates to Raw Dessert Cooking Classes, DIY Flower Crowns, DIY Skincare, DIY Moss Balls to Learn to Surf or Stand Up Paddle-boarding, picnics and glamping!

Haylie can you tell us a little about you…

I’m a serious ocean addict, I love coffee and ice-cream and Yoga + Pilates get me out of bed (early) each morning! I grew up in Angourie, in Northern NSW and this is where my love for the ocean originally began… my childhood memories all revolve around being in the ocean- surfing was and still is my fav. Now I live in Melbourne and teach Yoga + Pilates during the week and on the weekends I run Healthy Hens parties. Plus three times a year I run mini retreats in my hometown of Yamba.

Can you share your journey to wellness with our readers, and what led you to create Healthy Hens?

I think that all started with my parents… they brought us up in a beautiful part of the world where life revolved around the ocean so we naturally lived a healthy and active lifestyle.

I studied Sports Management at University and worked for Billabong in Events and Marketing, business has always been something that I really love – my mind is constantly things of new, fun things to create! I wanted to merge this with my new world – Yoga and Pilates. I believed the retreats market was a little over saturated and I really wanted to do something different.

I then saw the gap in the Hen’s market … I couldn’t really understand why it was considered a ‘norm’ for bride-to-be’s to go out and get smashed before their big day for so many reasons… Firstly I have watched many friends and sisters work hard to look and feel their best on their wedding day so to have a blow out so close to the wedding didn’t really make sense to me. I also know that planning a wedding can bring about a lot of extra stress so I wanted to create something for bride-to-be’s to take some time out with the people that are important to them, to feel energised and refreshed and even a little-inspired leading up to their wedding.

What can our readers expect from a Healthy Hens party?

We offer 4 different packages or you can customise a package to suit your group. Two of our packages are weekend getaways, which in Victoria are held on either the Mornington Peninsula or the Surf Coast. These packages include accommodation which you can choose from our personal fav of glamping or from one of our Healthy Hens approved beach houses.The other two packages are city based so perfect for a morning or afternoon event.

The other two packages are city based so perfect for a morning or afternoon event.

We offer a range of activities from movement such as Yoga, Pilates + Boot Camp to crafty activities such as DIY Flower Crowns, DIY Moss Balls + DIY Polymer Clay Jewelry to learning a new handy skill such as DIY Skincare and DIY Raw Desserts. For those after some adventure we offer learn-to-surf or Stand up Paddle board and those guest after a more relaxing experience; what about a bathe at the beautiful Peninsula Hot Springs… while we are on the idea of zen, why not add a massage or beauty treatment by one of our mobile suppliers.

Our newest package is The Picnic; you can expect a cute boho styled picnic setting complete with yummy, healthy food platters and fresh coconuts!

Have you always been conscious of your own health and wellbeing? 

Before I was doing this, I was living and working in Karratha, in North West, WA for 3 years and although there were so many great experiences and people I met along the way, the work that I was doing really didn’t nourish my soul, it wasn’t aligned with who I am as a person. I realised quickly that for me I needed to combine the things that fill me up and that I am really passionate about and make that my work. I was really fortunate during my time at Billabong and I think that made me realise that you could combine your passions with your career. I remember times I would sit at my desk and just feel so numb… I’m a pretty creative person but at the time I lost any creative spark. It’s amazing how when you are unsatisfied or out of balance in one area in your life how these imbalances can show up… for me, I would eat chocolate to numb those numbing feelings! And that’s not a cycle that ever works!

When do you feel most balanced?

When everything in life is flowing. For me I love keeping a regular Yoga practise, being in the ocean surfing and when I’m around myself with positive, happy, inspiring people.

What are the most valuable things you’ve experienced so far?

Love: I am super blessed to have the family and friends that I have. There is so much love and support around me and that’s something I don’t take for granted.

In a business sense, I’ve learned to be patient and that things can take time… and that that’s ok. You have to be prepared to ride the rollercoaster. When I first started Healthy Hens if a group decided not to do Healthy Hens I would take it so personally, Healthy Hens became part of my identity; I put so much of my love into it… it’s so crazy to say that now!

3 surprising things about you?

I am a recovering chocolate addict, snakes scare the living daylights out of me and I love to dance (I’m that girl you drive past bopping away in her car… I think part of me likes to think she’s Beyonce!).

What would you say is the key to an AMAZING Hens Party?

I think a fun interactive activity such as DIY Flower Crowns, DIY Moss Balls or DIY Skincare are great, especially if people don’t know each other – it’s a nice way to break the ice and you have something to take home as a little memory from the day! Personally, my fav is The Picnic… who doesn’t like yummy food and drinks!

What’s next for you and Healthy Hens?

I want to continue to grow Healthy Hens; we are expanding into new and exciting locations so watch this space.

For me, living a fun and adventurous life is key. I have a few exciting projects & an event I am working on at the moment and I am bursting at the seams to share these with you but for now, it’s still under wraps.

Do you have a current mantra?

Start before you’re ready – are we ever ready!? I believe in order to grow we must step outside our comfort zone and do things that scare us… nerves are good! It means you are on the right path! Plus I don’t think you’re ever truly ready… so go for it! 





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