Meet Local Love – Laura Anderson Co-Founder of FüD Revolution

October 28, 2015

Meet Local Love Laura Anderson one-half of the super-team behind The FüD Revolution. Along with her partner Laura developed a range of unique vending outlets that run completely independently, stocked fresh daily with a huge range of genuinely healthy meals, snacks, and other delicious items committed to promoting health and wellbeing.

Has health always been important to you?

Having a healthy mind and a healthy body has always been very important to me.. The healthier we are in body and mind, the better we are able to think, move and do. But I must admit, although I have always known it is important, I have not always been so good at listening to my own advice.. My biggest vice is certainly taking on too much and being too busy to allow my body time to rest – It’s something I am continually working on and trying to find that perfect balance.

When do you feel most balanced?

Nothing beats getting your socks and shoes off and walking through the cool  grass. It wasn’t until relatively recently that I found out this was called “Earthing”, all I know is that deep down I am a dirty little hippy that hates wearing shoes, and there is no better feeling than taking a moment to walk or sit in the grass with your shoes off.

Emma and I have found there is a shift towards a more conscious way of living, people in Australia are starting to take notice of their health, do you agree? 

Absolutely! We have been blown away by the positive response FüD has received from the public. Everyone has been so encouraging and supportive of us, we feel it really is a reflection of Australia’s changing attitudes and the public’s desire to have more convenient and healthy food options available to them.

Do you think social media is the key to getting a healthy message out there?

Social media is such a powerful tool, we’d be crazy not to utilize its incredible reach and influence to spread healthy messages. You can see it already happening, as more and more celebrities, bloggers, and even our own friends provide us insights into their worlds, it’s such a great opportunity to share information about fitness, nutrition, wellness, etc (let’s not forget awesome workout outfit inspo people!) The more people that spread the word, the greater the reach of our positive messages.

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

Write everything down because you are going to have a crazy fun life and you should really write a book about it one day!

Do you prescribe to a particular way of living? 

Well I do and I don’t. I am a vegan for ethical reasons moreso than for the super awesome health benefits (I love animals SO much!!) I’m also learning about FODMAPs at the moment because I’ve recently found out my tummy is not so great at digesting fructose! This is an interesting and fun, but challenging (no garlic and onion, people!) chapter in my foodie journey! But even though I fit into these ‘categories’ I don’t really like to label myself as such because I find that a lot of people have preconceived ideas about what these sorts of lifestyle modifications entail that can lead to unnecessary judgement, and that’s not fun! I also don’t like to put too much pressure on myself by always thinking “I have to adhere to these rules of eating to achieve these results” because it can all get a bit scarey and sad and restrictive when you look at it that way. I just try and adhere to the principles of healthy eating as best I can and listen to what my tummy and my heart want me to eat (and they have been known to make me drive across town at 11pm just to go get coconut icecream!)


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