Meet Patrick Glenane – Owner of Montague Park Food Store

January 5, 2015

We are so thrilled to welcome Patrick to the Twosixmag Community!

Here’s a little about Patricks  journey to opening his own cafe, his love of local produce and why community support is so important to small business. 

Can you tell us what led you to opening your own café?

Having always worked in hospitality, I’ve developed a strong passion for providing a high level of service and being around people. My goal was to open a business in Melbourne but the key was being patient enough to uncover the right opportunity. After 18 months of searching, I came across this corner gem in South Melbourne.

Where does your love of food come from?

I’ve grown up around hospitality with a large family that love getting together. My grandpa started a hotel 40 odd years ago which has certainly influenced my love of food and service delivery.

If Montague Park Food Store were a person; how would you describe them?

Cute, quaint and friendly.

Where do you source your produce?

We like to support local businesses. Our eggs come from a family owned rural farm and our fresh meat and vegetables are organic and free-range.

Why did you decide to make your own bread on site?

Prior to my arrival, bread was baked on site. We still have the same kitchen team who receive many requests for loaves of our bread. Our customers feedback is important and a key reason why we’ve decided to continue to bake our own bread.

When do you feel most balanced?

Being surrounded by friends over a long lunch, dinner or BBQ. I go overseas each year to experience different cuisines and cultures, which helps me gain inspiration for the café.

What do you believe is the most effective way to get a healthy message out there? 

Social media is very influential. It’s an ideal way to send a message to a large number of people simply by clicking a button.

I know this is hard but can you tell us what your favourite meal on menu is?

Corn & Quinoa Fritters with Avocado salsa, chilli jam and a poached egg on top, delish!

How do you have your coffee?

Hot Latte with half a spoonful of raw sugar

And lastly, what does “community” mean to you?

Community to me is a tight-knit neighbourhood of people. 90% of our customers are regulars who live in the immediate area which is why I like to support local primary schools and charities.


Location – 406 Park Street, South Melbourne.

Open for Breakfast & Lunch every day.

Vegan, Gluten free and kid friendly


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Need to see the delicious menu before you head in?

Follow the team on Instagram @montagueparkfoodstore




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