Pilates for Men

October 22, 2014

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.” Joseph Pilates

In the first few months of teaching Pilates I was surprised with how many of my male friends began to ask about my classes and about whether Pilates was suitable for men. “Will the women in class look at me funny?” “Is it for women only?” “Do I have to wear lycra?” “Is it an actual workout or just stretching?”

I laughed and joked in response, knowing that if they came to one of my classes they would walk out in serious pain! Pilates may seem like a low intensity exercise, but its not! It uses those small muscle groups we tend to ignore when lifting weights, doing cardio or boxing so the effects can be felt almost immediately.


So Gents! Here are 6 reasons why men should do Pilates:

1. Pilates was founded by a male! Yes, Joseph Pilates. In his younger years he trained army troops and was a body builder among other professions. Surprised?

2. Building strength in the smaller muscle groups (which Pilates is all about) will assist in your bigger muscle groups to be able to lift more weight! After a few Pilates classes you will find yourself adding some more kilos on the bar!

3. During your regular workout while you’re smashing out super sets and those biceps are pumping, men often forget to work the smaller muscle groups (for example your inner thigh muscles) and they become weak. Weak muscles are directly related to injury. Pilates works to strengthen those smaller muscle groups, preventing injury.

4. Your body loves new forms of exercise! Trying a new form of exercise is the best way to help the body progress and stay lean. If you haven’t tried Pilates then you’re missing out on working a group of muscles in your body in a new way.

5. Pilates improves flexibility. The structure of the male body is different to a female body and is generally tighter (mainly due to the existing types of exercises men do). Pilates can increase your flexibility even working into those tight hamstrings!

6. AFL players do Pilates…. Have you seen their bodies?!


And don’t forget your favourite Superheros wore lycra!


If you’re not to keen on going to a Pilates Studio try your local gym. Most gyms now offer group Pilates classes. Enjoy your new found strength! 


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