Pilates – The Emotional Benefits

April 17, 2015

When we think about the benefits of Pilates, we so frequently think about the rock hard abs, taught and toned limbs and the model worthy posture. But how about the smile on your face?

Often I leave my Pilates class feeling happy with a second wind of energy and a clearer outlook on life. On my walk home from class I am inspired to call my friends to have a chat, I have a new perspective on the world and can finally solve those puzzles playing on my mind.

So what changes in my body during the class to give me this renewed, refreshed & inspiring mindset?

After only a few sessions of Pilates, I realised that the benefits went far beyond the physical. Yes, I felt a little taller and stronger, but I also felt happier, I felt calm, centered and at peace!

Here are three reasons why Pilates is good for your mental health:

  1. Pilates promotes body awareness, a healthy mind & body relationship. The concentration required during class can absolutely be meditative. It gives us the opportunity to take a break from concentrating on our usual, perhaps negative, thoughts. Our mind is given some space away from our day and we are given a chance to focus solely on ourselves.
  1. Scientifically, practicing Pilates releases anti-aging stress relieving chemicals called endorphins – they are our bodies natural feel-good mood boosters, leaving us with hours of the perfect “natural high” post-class.
  1. During class, a lot of the focus is directed to the core, the powerhouse of our bodies. The fact that we are working on our posture, the control of the body and moving from the center, makes us feel more in-control of our lives, more focused and stimulated mentally.

Joseph Pilates said “The mind, when housed in a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”

This sense power gives us strength to carry out our daily tasks with pride, we hold our heads higher and our smiles wider. Not that we thought you needed another reason to practise Pilates, but there you have it! Start to take on the emotional benefits of Pilates after just one class!


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