Power Yoga – The Basics

November 17, 2014

Power yoga is a wonderful practice for all yogi’s who want to move quickly, build strength and feel energised! A class will generally include a series of sequences that will guide you to move from one pose to the next with each breath you take. However, like all yoga it is always important to start with the basics before moving into an intermediate or advanced practice.

Why Start with the Basic’s? 

Advanced Power yogi’s move very quickly between poses as the focus is on building strength, flexibility and stamina, this means the time to settle into a pose and adjust alignment is shortened, this is why in a basics class you will start learning the essential elements of each pose, safely practicing and slowing down the sequences to focus on your alignment. You will be taught how to modify postures using props to suit your needs. The teacher may also start to talk to the breathe prompting you to breathe through the nose on both your inhale and exhale, and of course you will be encouraged to rest as much as you need to.

What can you expect?

You will experience the traditional Sun Salutations, Downward-Facing Dog and strong Warrior poses as well as a controlled Vinyasa flow. There will be a strong core element including boat pose, side planks, and holding your chair for an extended amount of time.

Alignment is extremely important and the teacher will often speak to how the pose should feel in the body including coming in and out of each pose safely. You may find yourself repeating standing or seated sequences and increasing pace to match the breath.

Our favourite Power moves…

Upward Facing Dog – Strengthens spine, arms, wrists and stretches chest, shoulders, and abs.

Low Plank – Strengthens abs, arms, wrists and spine.

Side plank – Strengthens arms, abs, legs and wrists and stretches the hamstrings; improves balance and coordination.

Chair Pose – Strengthens ankles, thighs, calves, and spine, builds stamina, stretches shoulders and expands the chest.

Boat Pose – Strengthens the abdomen, hip flexors and spine. Stimulates the kidneys, thyroid and improves digestion.

Always Remember to…

Practice patience…every time you arrive on the mat your body will feel and move differently.

Give your body and mind the compassion it deserves…We all need to improve our self-love.

Respect your body’s limitations…Understand that no one has the same body or practice.

Rest and relax if you need to…We know listening to the body is sometimes a challenge!

Take a pose a little further and try something new…if you come out the pose, just dust yourself off and try again!



Where can you go to learn the basics? Join Bree at our Local love The Yoga Social. This beautiful studio has a class to suit every level of practice. 



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