Self-Sabotage – Why do we do it and how can we move beyond it?

March 8, 2017

This is one of the most common blocks women come to us with…and we’ve totally been there but just like our clients, we’ve now got the tools necessary to move beyond the pattern…


You see it all starts with bringing awareness to the “why” because until we get clear on why it is we do what we do we won’t be able to sustainably align our actions with our desires.

How many of you have experienced a time (maybe even a New Year’s resolution) where you got super clear on an intention, wrote it down, got all the tools you needed for it e.g. “I’m going to exercise 3-4 times per week, went out got a gym membership or group fitness class pass, brought all the gym gear, brought a program to follow at home, even did it for 2 weeks then life happened you stopped and you didn’t achieve your desired outcome so you end up back where you started”- but just a little more disheartened than before…


The reason the intention didn’t succeed was because something supercritical was missing in this example, we skipped the all-important Why…Why is it that exercise is so important?

What positive impact will it have on your life that will allow you to call on that why when the itty bitty shitty committee (the little voice in your head that makes all the excuses) comes along…


If the Why was something along the lines of exercise gives me an outlet to better manage stress, it gives me more energy, it makes my body less stiff and achy, it gives me some alone time, it makes me feel strong, it encourages me to make other positive lifestyle choices because I want to feel full of health and vitality it allows you to create a vision of what it is you’re wanting to create.

Once we have the vision of the intention it is possible to break it down into actionable steps.

If we were to use this example of exercise again now we have the why, we would see that the intention has an outcome that supports it, once we’ve created the outcome we can begin on developing an actionable plan.


This is the area that often causes everything to go off course because we generally want to do way too much way to soon, BUT the trick to a sustainable transformation that aligns with our desires is to make them incremental.


O.K so now that we’ve given some context, let’s create a strategy!

1. Pick a desire to be this in your health, relationship, career etc. and write it down.

2. Then explore WHY it is you want to achieve this desire and make it super clear only 2-3 sentences.

3. Create an actionable plan.


Write down 3 things each week that you’re going to do to bring you closer to that outcome and each week for the next 30 days keep adding 3 new things to it.


By that stage, you should begin to see some progress at the end of the 30 days re-evaluate, acknowledge the awesome progress you’ve made and what you feel you could improve on- you might even want to share this with a friend or a loved one to help keep you more accountable!


We’d love to hear how you go with this so leave us a comment below and sign up to the #mysisterhood via the pop on our website- we may have an exciting freebie coming up that will support you to ignite these intentions.


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Article by Maxime Nolten

Maxime is the author of upcoming book healthy gut, perky butt, IIN health coach, speaker and Co-Founder of Maximum You. Through her years of industry experience and personal health restoration, she discovered that the key to vibrant health is in our gut and is now committed to sharing this message. All of her programs, workshops and one-on-one coaching via Maximum You, take an integrated approach to cultivating wellness- by focusing on gut health, self-care, movement and the mind, body connection.


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