Setting Fitness Goals for the New Year!

January 7, 2015

The New Year is finally upon us and unfortunately, for a lot of us, so are a few unwanted extra kilos!

Making changes to our health and fitness is the leading resolution that Australians make when the clock strikes 12 on January 1, however achieving these goals and sticking to them throughout the entire year (or sometimes just the entire first month) is where the difficulty lies. Here are five tips to ensure we give ourselves the best possible chance at a fit and fabulous 2015…


Be realistic – Set a fitness goal that is achievable for you. Think about your age, current level of fitness and any previous/existing injuries. Participating in the Olympic games or becoming a Pro surfer is probably not a realistic goal. You might like to increase your overall fitness and participate in a charity run, or start playing tennis once a week.

Break your goal into smaller, specific goals – If you want to complete a long distance run, set yourself smaller targets to achieve along the way and make them measurable, for example, “I will go for a 5 kilometer run three times a week.”

Think about what you LOVE – Maintaining motivation is the utmost important factor when attempting to stick to a fitness goal. Do you spend your afternoons dancing around the house with the music channel pumping? Why not enroll yourself in jazz dance classes or try out Zumba at your local gym?

Get a “Fitness Buddy” – Working out is only half as painful if you’re doing it with a friend! Let others know what your fitness goal is and you become more accountable.

Be KIND to yourself – Making changes to your lifestyle isn’t easy! Reward yourself each time you make progress towards your goal and allow for a bit of flexibility.


Remember, even small changes are good changes! Have a happy and healthy start to the New Year, everyone!


Article  by Heidi Greig.

Heidi Greig is a 25-year-old Melbournian with a passion for all things health and fitness. Coming from a background in modern dance and now enjoying the benefits of Reformer Pilates, Heidi is well –aware of the importance of regular, heart rate rising activity for a balanced and happy life!

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What small changes will you make to make your 2015 a healthier year? 



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