Which Side of Your Body Do You Hug From?

November 23, 2016

I love ideas which invite me to question the way I do things automatically, without intention or thought.

Which is why I loved it when a friend asked;

“Which side do you normally hug from?”

I thought about it for a second and replied:

“I lean in from the right side of my body.”

She then went on to tell me how her grandfather had taught her to hug the other way, leaning in from the left side of her body, so that her heart could connect with the heart of the person she was meeting.

And I thought:

What a beautiful/revolutionary/obvious idea (it makes complete sense right?), that changes the way we can relate and connect with one another.

Because most of the time, we lean in to embrace another from the right side of our body, and when we do that, we miss out on connecting with their heart.

I was reminded of the heart-hug at an event I was at last weekend, where the idea was introduced to a roomful of about 1000 people; and saw what a revolutionary idea it was for others too.

I thought of the ripple effect of connection it would create when those people went home and shared the heart-hug with their communities.

I shared the heart-hug with friends after the event too, and after some initial awkwardness (because we had to be intentional and synchronistic!) we all agreed that we felt more connected to one another when we allowed our hearts to meet.

The bonus effect: it got us all present and thinking.

Introducing the idea became the catalyst for conversation around how we’re taught to relate to one another, and how we can begin to dissolve some of the social conditioning so heart-felt relating is infused into day-to-day living.

So, the next time you lean in to give someone a hug, try out this new approach and see how it feels for you.


The Practice

Lean in from your left

Allow your hearts to meet

Then pause for a moment to be present with the heart connection you’re amplifying.



Article by Melissa Farrugia – Holistic Kinesiologist, writer, and teacher at Soul Wellness

Melissa Farrugia is the creator of Soul Wellness and a passionate holistic kinesiologist, writer and teacher based in Elwood, Melbourne, and globally via Skype. Combining her formal training with a keen sense of intuition and life experience, Mel supports self-responsible souls who are at a growth point in their life, desiring to shift from feeling mentally, emotionally and creatively stuck, to feeling deeply connected and alive in the life they’re living.


W: www.soulwellness.com.au

I: /melsoulwellness


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