Simple Tips on How to Eat Better & Exercise More

June 6, 2016

Some handy tips to help you achieve these otherwise vague goals. Remember to be specific in your goal – what exactly does eating better mean to you? Is it to control portions or just eat more of the ‘right’ food? Same goes for exercise. Set a weekly or monthly goal.

How to incorporate more exercise into your everyday:

  1. Make a plan: What sort of exercise do you want to try this year? How often is reasonable to commit to? A results-oriented exercise plan might help you keep motivated more than ticking off the number of times you work out each week. Block out workout time in your calendar and set reminders to help you leave work/home on time to make your workout. Remember can book your workouts in advance on MindBody too! 
  2. Sneak it in: Work out without working out – Everyday movement counts! Running errands, cleaning the house, washing the car, playing with the kids at the park, traveling by foot or bicycle, opting to take the stairs..
  3. Make time fly: by working out with a friend. Whether it be walking around the river or meeting them at a session. You’re also less likely to cancel on someone else than yourself.
  4. Work out first thing in the morning: This ensures it’s completed before the day gets away from you. 
  5. Keep workouts freshVariation is key! We should be able to help there with our variety of group classes on offer, our new outdoor SUMMER SESSIONS kicking off in February and of course, no PT workout should ever be the same. Don’t be afraid to let the trainer know you’d like to mix it up!


Try these simple changes to make sure you eat healthier:

  1. Don’t deprive yourself: Balance, or the 80/20 rule is the key to not falling off the wagon. Aim to eat nutritious food 80% of the time. Treat yourself 20% of the time (healthier treats make that 20% even better again!) 
  2. Eat more fresh produce:  Seasonal fruit, veggies and lots of wholefoods (anything that is as close as possible to it’s original form) is good. Anything with no labels or labels with minimal ingredients listed is also a better option. Be careful of misleading packaging – a prime example of false advertising is here – so sneaky! 
  3. Be mindful at meal times: Staying tuned in to what you’re eating (as opposed to the phone or TV) is a great way to eat until you’re full, but not beyond. Being relaxed and mindful can also help you heed fullness cues.
  4. Set aside time for meal prep:  Two hours on the weekend spent making a shopping list for selected meals, shopping and then completing food prep saves you hours during the week and lessens the chances of reaching for the takeaway menu or bad snacking because you have plenty of healthy options.  Food prep ideas include:
  • Pre-chopping veggies for stir-fries
  • Preparing ziplock bags with veggie sticks or nuts
  • Making a fruit salad to snack on add to muesli
  • Making a little bit more of dinner to be used for the next day’s lunch
  • Making breakfast the night before –  Bircher muesli and  chia breakfast puddings saves time in the morning to help you make sure you don’t skip breakfast


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