Survival Guide for the Party Season – Part 2

December 19, 2014

With Summer in full swing and Christmas just around the corner, social calendars are overflowing with events. This time of year can be a challenge as it usually means 4-6 weeks of constant eating and drinking.

6 simple tips to help you survive the festivities

1. Avoid going to any function hungry

2. Chat and mingle away from the food table. If you’re bored you are more likely to over eat.

3. Pay attention to your portion sizes and fill up on vegetables first.

4. If you are out and about always pack snacks to take with you. A zip lock bag with some trail mix, fruit or protein bar is a great nutritious snack

5. Don’t deny yourself indulgences. If you are a dessert person and you know you want be able to pass up that piece of cheese cake, don’t deprive yourself. Have a smaller portion at dinner and a small portion of dessert.Enjoy your holidays and eat wisely!

6. Enjoy your holidays and eat wisely!


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Article by Karen Hill 


Karen is a university qualified nutritionist, completing a PhD in sports nutrition and exercise metabolism at Victoria University here in Melbourne. She is a mountain biker, self-confessed food nerd and promoter of simple healthy living.

Contact Karen directly via email:

Instagram – @karenhillnutrition

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