Buddy up with these 5 exercises you can do with a partner

May 14, 2018

We hear all the time that ‘couples who work out together stay together’ which is true if it works! But in some cases, this just isn’t true. My partner Andi and I are quite different. She likes more cardio based training whilst I like more resistance based training. She doesn’t like being told what to do when working out whilst I can’t help myself but to naturally correct technique and instruct.So although we are fitness fanatics and may sometimes begin our training together, more often than not we go off on completely different paths and have different goals. If this is also the case for you and your partner may not be ‘the one’ when it comes to matching exercise regimes, don’t give up there as there is someone out there who is perfect for you!

 1. Accountability

Training partners hold you accountable to your training schedule. All those excuses that you give yourself after a long day of work just get blown away if you know your buddy is waiting for you at the gym or the running track. You will be less inclined to cancel and also more motivated if you know that there is someone waiting to workout with you.

 2. Consistency = Results

Consistency is the key to success, and when it comes to training this saying is no different. The more often you can workout together the more commitment you both will have to make it happen. And the more it happens the quicker you will see the results. Align your goals with one another as well so you are reaching for similar outcomes. There is also nothing wrong with having more than one training buddy for different aspects of your training schedule.

 3. Overload

Think of your training buddy as your personal trainer, and use them! Whether that be to spot you in the gym, make you get out that last 2-3 reps or help you run that extra Km. Explain what you want to get out of the session so it’s clear from the start. Then reverse it and ask them the same questions and help them to push that little bit harder too.

 4. Friendship / Social Aspect

The social aspect of a training buddy can be quite amazing. Some of my best friends started out as just training buddies and seeing them on a consistent basis just made our friendship stronger. Combine this with a coffee or healthy feed after your workout and it becomes an event you never want to miss. But be warned – make sure you try and separate the two; leave the long winded stories until after the session as not to waste precious training time.

5. Motivation

Use each other for motivation. If your feeling flat or tired let the other know so they can pep you up, or talk each other up during the session to lift spirits and maximize results. Pump one another up before your session to get excited to train by sending motivational texts, and if one tries to cancel don’t allow them to get off the hook easily! You can never have too much motivation and support.


Article by Aaron Smith – Founder and CEO of KX Group



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