The Body Book – Twosixmag Review

October 10, 2014

When a beauty like Cameron Diaz comes on screen you stop and stare, right? When she talks you stop and listen, right? Well, trust us when she writes, you better stop and read immediately!

It didn’t surprise us that we LOVE LOVED The Body Book! I mean we love Cameron; we love her honesty and candid nature. We love how ‘kick-ass’ she is, how she always talks about the importance of having girlfriends and we love her commitment to looking fit and fabulous.  But here’s why after reading this how-to book we love her even more:


6 reasons to love Cameron Diaz more than you already do…

1. She doesn’t shy away from telling you how it is

“Just because you can put something in your mouth, chew it, swallow it, and then poop it out doesn’t mean it’s food. It just means you can chew it, swallow it, and poop it out…your poop is a key indicator of your overall health.”

2. Her journey to wellness is completely honest and totally relatable

“All the while I was eating burgers and burritos and onion rings and french fries and sodas, I had the worst skin, I mean I had terrible, terrible skin. It was embarrassing and I did everything I could think of to make it go away. I tried to cover it with makeup..with medication…nothing helped for very long…I never even considered that there might be a connection between my meals and the way I felt or the way my skin looked…But the truth is that everything we put into our bodies affects us”.

3. She has a chapter for everything, even “Your Lady body.”

“As far as we know, removing pubic hair offers no medical benefit. All healthy women develop pubic hair as they age, and it likely has some evolutionary advantage since, we all have it. There is a lot of speculation as to what the benefits may be…like, pubic hair may help protect you from chafing during sex. Or pubic hair may hold our pheromones, the personal scents that make us so sexy to our lovers.”

4. She isn’t telling you to prescribe to any “one” way of living. It’s about finding the best options for your body

“Educating yourself about your body is one of the most important things you can do. Because nutrition and fitness and awareness and discipline are not just words: they are tools…The food we consume over the course of a day creates the experiences we have in that day. Because what we eat carries the stuff of life- our lives.”

5. It goes beyond food and exercise to look at our emotional relationship with food and our physical makeup as humans

“When you accept that the world doesn’t owe you anything and that choices have consequences, when you understand that life makes choices for you when you hand over the controls…that’s when life begins..”

“Good health starts with awareness and relies on personal responsibility. It is translating intention into action…even with all the knowledge in the world, habits are tough to shift..just as it has taken time to create the habits you have now, it will take time to change them. And the only way that you find success in doing that is by being kind to yourself.”

6. The book is motivating and makes you want to get up and make changes right away!

“Because moving is not about how we look, its about how feel…moving is imperative for ALL PEOPLE who want to be strong and healthy, who want to live their years out in bodies that can support life instead of getting sick and getting weak… so wake up, love yourself. Care for yourself. Your body is the most precious thing you have.”

Basically, we just love everything about this strong independent woman!


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