The Desires Within

July 13, 2015

You know what? The mind has such a mammoth task of running itself. It’s in constant ‘on-mode’. How often do you actually hear what your mind is saying? Do you hear when it says it’s tired, frustrated, needs a break, wants to share and unleash? We crash and burn yet all along we’ve had sign, after sign, after sign. Often it isn’t until we’ve hit the ground in a mess to listen to what’s going on inside.

For the years you have been alive, you’ve been inside yourself. You wake-up, live the day and sleep inside who you are. So why is there a deep yearning from mass society to, “Know who they really are? To deepen the relationship within themselves? To see just how possible they are and create a life they actually want to live?”

As a kid, when you were sad, you said you were sad.

When you were hungry, you said you were hungry.

When you wanted to cry, you cried.

When you needed a hug, you opened your arms for that nourishing cuddle.

When you didn’t like something, you’d say so.

When you were tired, you slept.

Somewhere in all our lives, the needs, wants and desires of our true selves began to diminish. The truth became difficult to share. Raw emotions needed to be rationalised and justified. Toughness, fitting in and getting on with it made first place for surviving school, friendships, relationships etcetera. This story is shared amongst most of us and it’s the story of you that has the power to inspire or entrap yourself.

For twenty years, I lived my life as the wounded victim. I re-played, rewound and repeated my story, for the need of others to tell me how hard that must have been and feel sorry for me. All this did was feed my victim to stay exactly where she was, entrapment. Many circumstances led to a moment of looking at myself and asking some hard questions. “Is this all you’ve got? Is this all you can be in this lifetime, a record player? Do you really think the universe punishes you? Have you ever thought you are punishing yourself, so you don’t have to be the person you know you are?”

Those questions disabled something in me and I had no good answer to any of them. I saw that I had put so many distractions in my life to keep me from experiencing life as that kid. The kid who asked for something when she wanted it. The kid who laughed, cried, asked questions, sang, danced, dressed up, played, slept, cuddled and lived uniquely unashamedly.

Do you care enough to ask yourself, “Are you okay? What do you need? What can I do for you today?” You have a choice to live inside yourself and rediscover the true desires of yourself. And yes, it’s damn uncomfortable to be responsible for who you are because it leads to change. But, how long will you be the victim of your story? I get it, without the old story then who the hell are you? Well this my friend is when you begin to create the life you truly desire.


Love, Kat John.

Kat John has been a Registered Nurse since 2007 working alongside the medical profession. A Melbourne based Intuitive Mentor since 2013, Kat will also complete her Graduate Diploma in Psychology in 2015. My purpose is to bring together the mind and heart, thoughts and action, intuition and trust. Through rebuilding this within people, they soon realise their potential through the story of their own life.’

I:    kat.john

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