The Easy 5 Day Healthy Breakfast Meal Plan

February 22, 2019

Here is a 5-day breakfast meal plan to help get you into some good habits:


Kick off the week with a breakfast of avocado, tomato and basil on crusty sourdough toast with a touch of balsamic. A tasty blend of anti-inflammatory omega-3s and low-GI for consistent energy release, add some crumbled feta cheese and you’re winning.


Grate up 1 medium sized sweet potato or zucchini, add 2 eggs, some fresh herbs or spices, mix together and fry up some fritters. Serve topped with ½ an avocado and some feta.


Try this delicious strawberry milkshake to get you through hump day. Combine 1 cup of almond milk, 1 frozen banana, ½ cup of frozen or fresh strawberries, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, 1 scoop protein powder, vanilla, cinnamon and ice in a blender. Blend on high until smooth and creamy.


Make a massive green protein smoothie. Add water/coconut water or almond milk, banana, a chopped red apple, ice. Chuck in a handful of spinach and 1-2 scoops protein powder. Add 1/4 avocado to make it creamier.


Finish the week with a bang. This is one of the healthiest and easiest breakfasts you can make, a DIY big breakfast! Add some coconut oil to a pan and then sauté your veggies of choice (tomatoes, spinach, kale, mushrooms, capsicum, asparagus) until cooked. Crack in 2 eggs, cover with a lid and let cook until done to your liking. Plate up with some fresh or smoked salmon (or use beans if you’re vego) and ½ an avocado on the side.


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