The Health Conscious LA Guide

August 21, 2015

The LA health and fitness scene is something else. There is something about the LA sunshine that makes you feel alive and inspired. If you’re living here or travelling then I have put together a few of my favorite places that will leave you buzzing, Inspired and shining from the inside.


Dance and spin to the beat of the music. – Seriously if you want a serious full body work out you need to get your butt to a soul cycle class. My favorite studio is in West Hollywood. I love David’s class. His classes are challenging and full of contagious energy. David’s inspirational one-liners will leave you reaching for the stars.


If you follow our TULLY LOU instagram you will know we are totally obsessed with Acai bowls and are always on the hunt for the “it” acai bowl.

The acai bowls at BACKYARD BOWLS are by far my favorite in LA. Backyard Bowls is a revolutionary eatery specializing in acai bowls, hot porridges, smoothies, and much more. They provide you with epic bowls that will satisfy any health nerd. Delicious and filling, what I really love is the size of the bowls here. You will never leave hungry.


Want to bend, stretch and get your sweat on? Hot 8 Yoga offers a variety of classes. Classes include Hot Yoga, Hot power fushion, Hot power Yoga, Hot yoga sculpt (with weights) and hot yoga barre.

Hot 8 Yoga will help you shape, tone and improve your body, reduce stress, control weight, relieve lower back pain, improve skin quality, detoxify and more. I love to stay flexi and healthy on my trips in LA and Hot8 makes me feel amazing!


Erewhon is like the new wholefoods but better! Erewhon makes the highest quality foods and products so that their customers can lead the best possible lives. Ummm with values like this why would you want to shop anywhere else?

“We believe that to make the world a better place we must be our best selves.”

When I am back in LA this is where I go to shop for groceries, fresh fruits + veggies and stock up on their organic salad bar. Erewhon is where it’s at. If you want to spot one of your favorite celebs shopping hanging out here is a must.


I love Mexican food – what I don’t love about Mexican food is how I feel sluggish and bloated after eating it. The cheese, fried corn doesn’t exactly make me feel great.

When I heard about Gracias Madre I was stoked.

Gracias Madre makes Vegan Mexican look pretty damn good. Vegan food has come a long way over the last few years. The all organic and plant-based dishes include tamales, tacos, empanadas and flan. They also serve organic tequila and mezcal!.

If you are in LA this must go on your “TO DO” list, even if you’re not a vegan or on a plant-based diet…. It is that good. (Again a hub for celebs)


Sweetgreen isn’t just “another” healthy eatery this place is the bomb. It is one of the fastest growing food chains in the US. I stabled across Sweetgreen whilst in NY. When I found out there was a newly opened store in LA I got a little excited.

Sweetgreen is a destination for delicious food that is super healthy and fresh. Sweetgreen source local and organic ingredients from farmers that they know and trust. All their proteins are hormone free, antibiotic free and all natural. Sweetgreen are all about composting the food scraps and also have recycling stations for customers to compost their packaging and bottles!

What I love about sweet Greens its not just about going in and buying a salad… it’s about the behind the scenes and what happens after that counts.

The company recently stated;

We really think there’s an incredible opportunity today to change the way people think about food and change the way America eats.”

I hope if you were considering a trip to the United States anytime soon and you were a little hesitate as you thought it was all supersized greasy burgers and fries than think again you must book your trip now! LA is a buzz and sunshine all year round.

LA has my heart I hope it gets yours too.

Love and Light,


Article by Tully Lou

Melbourne native Tully is a passionate yoga instructor, designer, health and wellness writer who is spreading her mission and inspiring a crew of stylish, rebellious, powerful and passionate warriors each on their own journey.


I: @tullylou

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