The Importance of TAKING A BREAK

September 7, 2016

Ever feel like your mind is constantly on a treadmill? Always needing to fill your day with productivity. As each day goes by you believe your to-do list will decrease, that the work load will get easier, only to notice the incline and speed on that treadmill creep up. The feelings of fulfilment absent when you reach your goals as you are already focused on the next one. STOP its time to take a break, it’s important for all of us, physically and mentally.

Studies have shown when we push our brains and body too much our body and brain pushes back. Ideas stop flowing as quickly and tasks become a huge effort. Everything becomes slower, whilst you become harsher on yourself to get things done, creating this downward spiral effect. This is all too common for many of us, some of us even experiencing exhaustion.

Let’s work to change this mindset of constantly needing to work and get more productive (I know ironic) by taking various breaks. Here are a few ways to switch into the zen zone.

Taking Short Breaks

By switching to a simple task whilst working this allows another section of our brain to step in a problem solve. This switch allows us to maximise the entire usage and capacity of our brain. Try working for 25 mins with a 5 min break and see how your productivity improves.


Getting away from the hustle and bustle and into nature clears our body physically and mentally. The constant stimulation we experience living in the city can cause us to live anxiously running through our days on autopilot. Going back to our primal roots into nature allows our minds to slow down and relax, whilst the fresh oxygen running through our veins improves our vitality.

Taking frequent vacations should be encouraged as the change in environment has significant benefits for your brain. Although these brain benefits do dissipate quickly once we are back into our regular environment and routines. Try to take regular vacations away from the smog and the city even if they are just day trips. 

One Day or One Evening Off Each Week

Whilst this may seem luxurious and unavailable at first, taking one day off or one evening off each week actually increases work life balance. Interestingly people who follow this ritual have said to be more productive and appreciative of their work accomplishments. Fill this day or evening with something you are passionate about or that excites you. Your free time should not be spent on food shopping, house domestics or other such tasks I like to call “life admin”.

Quieres una siesta?

Ok! I know this is probably out of the question for most of us but studies have shown napping makes us more alert, more productive and decreases the probability of making mistakes. If you already know a midday shut-eye is only assigned for your nana try a short 10-minute meditation instead. The release of brain alpha waves from the meditation will increase your happiness for the rest of the day.

Now there’s no need to feel guilty about putting your feet up, hold your head high and confidently say to yourself “I am taking a break, for my body, mind and my work productivity”.


Article by Lauren Roberts

As a yoga instructor and someone who is passionate about health and wellbeing, Lauren is happily blogging about the things in life she loves. Through her creative writing, she aims to help people nourish and care for their body and mind. A true foodie at heart Lauren is often found at the latest cafe hot spots critiquing the food, or in the kitchen creating a new recipe.



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