Tiffany Halls Top 5 Motivational Tips

September 10, 2018

Motivation. Desire. Incentive. Interest. Reason. Drive. Sometimes when we are starting a new goal, or trying to continue with a current one, it’s hard to keep the motivation up.

How many times have we promised ourselves THIS time, this goal would be different, except it’s hard to keep up the cheery attitude. We often start off pretty well then life gets in the way and our good efforts get derailed. Getting motivated is the easy part, it’s the staying motivated that’s a bit trickier. Get rid of your all or nothing, let’s change everything at once mentality. It’s all about time management, goal setting, planning and self-love that will get you there.

Try these tips to help you get you to where you need to go (and stay there):



It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on getting beach ready for summer or repainting the house, it’s not something you can just wing on the day. One reason why people fail? Because they don’t plan how they will succeed. Get a planner, use sticky notes, make lists, draw on the fridge – whatever works for you! Get into a routine of prepping your week out on a Sunday. Remember, fail to plan and you’re planning to fail.

Date night

No longer is the excuse “I don’t have time” an excuse! Consider your task/goal as a date night and schedule it in. When we get busy we often put our health and fitness needs to the side to make sure we still get to that meeting or nail appointment. So make a date and put it in your diary. Be it every day or 3 times a week, block out some shine time, work your day around it and don’t cancel. Plan ahead to stay ahead. A regular routine provides structure and structure creates the discipline to help you reach your goals quicker. If you’re super dooper time poor, aim to get one or two levels of in, everyone has a spare 5 – 10 mins in their day. Boredom isn’t gonna help you smash out your maximum potential so don’t let boredom in. Keep your body and your brain guessing with lots of variety, try my TIFFXO HIIT or flow sesh, take the pooch for a walk or grab the kids and have yourselves a bike ride.

Make your bed every day

Before you leave the house to start your day and brush your teeth, get dressed and run out the door, first things first, make your bed. Small tasks provide a sense of accomplishment, and if you start your day with accomplishment, you’ll find yourself finishing that way as well.

Phone a friend

Staying motivated on your own can be challenging, but find someone with similar goals and start encouraging and motivating each other. Schedule in workout times with each other and make a point to check in. My TIFFXO Ninjas are the most supportive bunch of humans I have ever come across, ‘cos we all need a cheering squad. Call upon your cheer squad when you’re having trouble sticking with your good health habits and be held accountable as you work hard to reach your goals, and you’ll find they’ll help you keep going even when you really, really want to stop.

Kick goals

Chart your progress and celebrate every single milestone that you smash and set goals that allow you to see frequent progress. Break your big goal down into smaller, mini goals to help lessen the feelings of being overwhelmed and reward yourself (with nonfood rewards) whenever they are reached.

Bonus round – Remember your why

Get back to your ‘why’ and remind yourself of it every day. WHY are you deciding to get healthy, WHY do you want to clear out the shed. Constantly reminding yourself of the why will help keep you on track and will help you say no to the things that can get in your way.

Extra little things you can do:

Reset: If you find you’re a little bit derailed it’s okay! You are allowed to forgive yourself for that pizza, reset and restart your day.

Be positive: Be aware of your self-talk and if you hear negative thoughts, stop them, push them out, and replace them with positive ones.

Make weekly playlists: Sometimes, all we need is a banging soundtrack to get us through the week. Doesn’t matter if you’re heading to the gym, being productive at work or just out and about in the Mum taxi, the right playlist can get you inspired and help set the right tone for your day.

Limit your screen time: Time to turn the TV off, get off that phone or iPad and allow yourself some screen-free time every day. Go for a walk, have a mini dance party or get into that book. Just away from the screen!


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