Up, Up and Fly! Try These Australian Aerial Fitness Studios

May 17, 2016

Who works out on the floor these days? That was so last year. This year, it’s all about aerial exercising. And why not? This latest fitness trend is not only going to look great on your Instagram feed, but classes are amazing for improving strength and providing an overall killer workout. Classes where you have to suspend your body mid-air while performing different postures and stretches forces you to engage your core and hold tight.

Safe to say, exercising will never be the same again after your first aerial class. There’s something about working out mid-air that puts a whole new spin on everything (literally). Get ready for a full-body workout that’s going to tone your muscles something crazy. We will have you running off with the circus in no time.

Where do you sign up? Lucky for you, ClassPass Australia has some amazing aerial studios just waiting to get you into that ‘harness.’ Check these out and book your class ASAP:

Studio 3 in Melbourne

Melbourne, listen up and book into this Aerial Yoga FUNdamentals class immediately—the perfect place for all new aerialists to start. Have some fun as you get used to the antigravity hammock and the feeling of inversions and the feeling of flying. (Yes, flying!)

Cosmic Yoga in Adelaide

Get in there quick and book your spot Wednesday nights for aerial yoga at this gorgeous lakeside studio. Just you wait for the sunset view. With a max of six students per class, this will renew and reenergize you inside and out and mix up your usual yoga practice. Add this class to your routine.

SkyLab in Sydney

This studio is dedicated to all things aerial: AirBarre, AirYoga, AirPilates. The only problem is going to be deciding which class to try first because, trust us, they all look incredible. With a class for every level, what are you waiting for?

Fitness Playground in Sydney

These guys have pretty much every fitness base covered and now they can add Aerial Yoga to the list. ‘A unique way to train and have fun’ that will ‘get you out of your comfort zone’ and more importantly upside down’. Working out needs to be fun, and you’ll definitely have plenty of that when you go to a class here.

AirSpace in Perth

At AirSpace, there’s a wide range of classes to suit all levels, so pick between AirYoga or Air Supremacy in gymnastic rings or handstands. Start with their AirYoga, their flagship class, a blend of strength building, flexibility and inversion work.

Rafters Mind Body Air in Perth

The stunning studio offers aerial yoga and Pilates, and these classes are a must-try. If you are new to the aerial world, start with aerial fusion class, which incorporates athletic conditioning, strength training and aerial yoga. You will love being in a sling so much you will never want to leave!

Your World Fitness in Adelaide

A studio that has it all and has now incorporated Antigravity Aerial Yoga into its weekly schedule? Awesome! Get in early to secure your spot for this fun, effective and challenging class. Enjoy the combination of strengthening and stretching and make the most of your time spent in a beautiful room of hammocks.

Beyond Fitness Australia in Sydney

This studio offers fundamentals and more advanced options more experienced aerial yogis. But regardless of where you are at in terms of experience, this studio has an option for you.

Performance Pilates in Perth

Fly in red hammocks at Performance Pilates! This popular studio offers small classes run by qualified physiotherapists. You will cover a range of movements – both gently and challenging, which will help to decompress the body and leave you feeling agile and rejuvenated.


Article by Charlotte – The Eight Hours 

The token Brit, originally from London Charlotte booked a one-way ticket to India 3 years ago and hasn’t looked back. After being diagnosed with a relative rare illness she changed her attitude on the power of healthy eating and the importance of doing what makes you happy. Now if you need her you can find her attempting to practice yoga or in one of her favourite cafes planning her next trip.

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