Update With The Upstate Collection From Tully Lou

March 23, 2016

Blurring the lines between fitness gear and street style Tully Lou’s new collection ‘The Upstate’ is the perfect fit for the workout-to-brunch die-hards who not only want to feel comfortable, strong and free while busting a sweat but want to LOOK super chic eating their post-sweat smoothie bowl.

We’re so thrilled to share Tully’s design inspiration for the new collection and what influenced her fresh incredible photoshoot.


Where did the idea for the campaign/collection come from? 

I love the old-school Californian 70s look and took a lot of inspiration from that. I do a lot of travel to California + this season I felt a connection with Cali. I wanted to share that with everyone.

How do you get your creative juices flowing?  

I do a lot of research, I search blogs and magazines.

I like to do yoga in the morning and start my day in a mindful and present state I always feel I get super creative after yoga so the days I am designing I like to have this little routine. I also like being by myself when working on a new collection


What am I wearing out of the new collection if I’m off to a yoga class then to brunch with my girl squad? 

The Brooklyn Leggings are perfect for yoga easy to move in.

Jersey crop has the cutest back detail and fun.

Pre + Post class the Bronx hoodie to complete the perfect Athleisure look

Your photo shoot of the new collection was insanely cool – Can you tell us a little about the shoot, the inspiration and thought process? 

As my inspiration for the whole collection was based around the old school Californian vibe – I knew I wanted to shoot in LA. I had this vision of a diner and a motel. A movie that kept popping into my head was GREASE. I was on Instagram one day and found this PINK MOTEL in the valley and just knew it was it. It was perfect it had three or four locations on the property we could use, we made sure we did. The colours, corners  + features on the property were insane.

Some people may think its weird that we shot in the Diner or that it even crossed my mind especially being  a sports luxe label, however I am not one to follow crowds and I wanted it to be different and stand out to other labels. We also wanted to show that life is about balance. Yes we work out drink green smoothies and sip on Kombucha but we do like to live our lives and treat ourselves its all about balance. So I felt like this is a way we could send the message. There is so much obsession over being ‘healthy these days – and that isn’t healthy!!


What do you want people to feel when they wear your clothes?

I want them to feel confident, empowered, strong and fierce!

Who would you love to see wearing Tully Lou? 

I have a massive girl crush on Chrissy Teigan – She is a no shit kind of girl and I love her attitude!

I would love to see Kendall Jenner rocking it out I feel like at the moment she is killing the athleisure look at the moment it’s effortless and very on trend!


About Tully Lou


Tully Lou is the latest fashion forward, sports luxe active wear from Australia. It’s all about combining rebellious workout gear with stylish streetwear.

The innovative, inspirational and modern designs are the creative dreams of Tully Lou’s designer and creative director, Tully Humphrey who created the label in 2013 as a way to motivate and empower woman to get up and live healthier, happier lives. When you look good you feel good.

Melbourne native Tully is a passionate yoga instructor, designer, health and wellness writer who is spreading her mission and inspiring a crew of stylish, rebellious, powerful and passionate warriors each on their own journey.

W: www.tullylou.com.au

I: @tullylou

T: tully_lou

F: /tullylou

B: www.tullylou.com.au/blog


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