What’s Missing From Your Smoothie?

Ever wondered what ingredients will boost your everyday smoothie? James McLoughlin from Green Press shares his favourites!

Let’s go beyond the green leafs, frozen blueberries and chia seeds to include some new micro-nutrients to your body.

#1 Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas)

Almonds and cashews are a great frozen banana substitute but pumpkin seeds are potentially even more nutritious. An anti-aging multi-vitamin, just one handful will go along way to achieving your daily requirement of magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, vitamin E and protein. That means energy, weightloss, skin firming and a stronger immune system.

One cup of pumpkin seeds will make your smoothie thick and satisfying, and the subtle flavour will allow the other ingredients to do the talking.

#2 Camu Camu

The word superfood does not do this Amazonian fruit justice. It’s the highest source of vitamin C on the planet. And by a long way. One teaspoon of freeze dried powder is 12 times your daily vitamin C needs. That means an immune system so strong that it slows aging and even prevents oxidative stress that leads to cancer. It’s great for skin, provides mental clarity and even elevates mood. It’s subtle citrus flavour blends in quietly to any smoothie, allowing other ingredients to shine. You only need one teaspoon per smoothie.

#3 Hemp Seeds

Banned for human consumption in Australia but don’t let the uninformed fat cats control you. Hemp seeds are an unbelievable source of essential fatty acids (omega-3 & 6), promoting weight-loss, lowering cholesterol and providing energy. They are expensive in Australia but you only need a couple of tablespoons for a powerful serving. Hemp seeds are that potent. They’ll also thicken up your smoothie like chia seeds would, only with twice the protein and all nine essential amino acids.

#4 Mint

A simple suggestion but not to be underestimated. Mint soothes indigestion and inflammation, plus it can even reduce pimples. Equal to the digestive power is the flavour. You can make any green smoothie taste like peppermint ice cream with some cacao, dates and fresh mint.

#5 Plant Based Protein

Protein isn’t just for muscles. It’s actually for weightloss, particularly when you have it in the first 30 minutes of your morning. If you find the right flavour you won’t need to add any other sweeteners for your smoothie either.

Your protein powder has to be plant based as whey, like milk, isn’t biologically designed for human consumption. It will get toning results but at the cost of alkalinity and inflammation.

The best plant based recipes are much cleaner with complimenting ingredients too, because they are made for fussy health nuts like us that read labels. Our favourite brands from the States are MRM Vegie Elite and Rawfusion . We also just discovered Prana On in Australia and love their coconut flavour.

Bonus Tip:

Smoothies and coconut water go hand in hand. Subtle sweetness and hydrating potassium. The problem is some brands cost a fortune. Don’t rule out getting your coconut water from Asian grocery stores. Whilst those tin cans don’t appease your inner packaging designer, that material actually keeps the coconut water fresher. The tetra pack variety is two or three times the price, just because of the branding. 100% coconut water is 100% coconut water. This stuff literally grows on trees so don’t let branding break your bank or prevent you from making that delicious green smoothie.


Article by James Mcloughlin – Green Press 

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