What’s your word for 2018?

December 27, 2017

9.2 – the percentage of people who felt they successfully achieved their resolution last year.

Not the most encouraging statistic if you ask me. Yet every year, almost 50% of us continue to make resolutions aligned to things like better health, smarter financial decisions or self-improvement.[1]

What if this year we upped our chances for success? What if we changed our new year’s resolutions from a to-do list that has a 9% success rate, to something that we could focus on every single day that would enhance all facets of our life?

Consider removing the lists and instead choosing one word, just one word that you want to embody every single day.

When selecting this word, it can be helpful to have something that ties into many parts of your life. Perhaps think about what you have been struggling with and want to move forward from, how you want to grow, what you want to accomplish, what you would like more of or what would make you feel more alive?

Now think about one thing you might need in order to make that happen. It could be something like strength, compassion, love, joy, surrender, abundance, trust, health, vitality or peace.

This is your one word that you can repeat to yourself, almost like a personalised mantra, throughout the pleasant times and the not so pleasant times (ex: when that boss of yours is giving you a REAL hard time). This way, you are keeping centered and aligned to the way you would like to feel and what you would like 2018 to be about for you.

My good friend chose the word strength last year and boy, did she notice an increase in dealing with things head on! She was able to find the strength to have all of those difficult conversations, both at work and in her personal life that many of us seem to always avoid (or at least I know I do!) Aligning her 2017 with strength, she was able to tap into this mantra and move through some pretty big stuff!

My word for 2018 is trust.

Trust in the timing of my life and that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. Trust that each opportunity is here because it’s what I need in that particular moment. Trust that each challenge or obstacle has presented itself because it is here to teach me a lesson. But most of all trust in myself. That I can move forward knowing that I can handle anything 2018 wants to throw at me.

So if you’re tired of making long lists of things that you might not achieve, why not switch it up and find more synergy in your life and focus on just one thing that you want to accomplish for 2018 – I dare you.

[1] Statistic Brain, 2017


Article by Victoria Paige

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