When to switch off and be more ‘present’? by Rachael Finch

June 13, 2018

Setting yourself time to switch off and be more present is so important in order for your mind and body to thrive and for your most creative side to flourish. When I dedicate time for this I notice some of my best ideas come to mind and not only that when I spend time in the ‘present’ through digital detoxes or meditation, my brain and body is getting the best possible rest. Think about how you feel after a good sleep or a yoga class without your phone. Technology is new for the human brain and in this busy era with more and more to do, it’s incredibly important we detox from the digital world! There are times throughout the week where I aim to switch off technology and connect with my body, I’ve listed them below…

1. Meal times.

Every time I eat I try to put my phone to the side and focus on the nourishing food I am giving my body and where I am. I may take a pic or video of what I cooked to share with others but once I’m eating I like to check out! Sometimes I even put my phone on flight mode so that I’m not disturbed and this is even more important when I’m eating with the family. It’s a time for us to talk about our day and share stories.

2. Afternoon stroll.

The best way to get the most from your stroll, or power walk, is to get moving without the tech! I love listening to the sounds of my surroundings and environment. This is the best soundtrack! It’s a great way to escape the daily hussle of emails, calls and any other disturbances. Switching off adds to your inner calm and can even improve your sleep. While I’m walking without technology I also notice a better connection to my breath and body.

3. Tech plates.

This is a great idea to implement for the family if you feel you need more time together and less time in the screen! Place a plate near the front door to your home and make it compulsory for phones to go in when you walk in. We also keep keys and coins here which is easy to access and keep track of items. This may not work for everyone but it’s definitely worth giving a try.

4. Self-care sessions

Whenever I take time out for myself I aim to do it without my phone or laptop. This forces me to really get in tune with my body and think about how it’s feeling or what it needs. I do this in the morning on the balcony with my coffee or any time I dedicate to self-care. This is time for you, so turn the devices off and enjoy the moment that is!

5. Weekends are for recharging.

Some weekends I choose to turn off technology completely. It doesn’t happen as often as I like but it has a pretty big impact when I do. We are so accustomed to checking our phone, emails and social media almost every hour. When we spend time breaking that habit, we are forced to connect to our body and what’s around us. I’m always surprised how much more time in the day there is when I don’t check in to technology. If I do this I need to tell those closest to me that I’ll be switching off, so if they need to talk, they can knock on the door.

Article by Rachael Finch Founder


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