When Women Gather In Full Support of One Another, LOVE Amplifies.

March 8, 2018

A few months ago, I was siting in circle with 6 other women during a Medicine Wheel workshop, when this nugget of gold was shared: “When women gather in sacred circle, in full support of one another, our Oxytocin levels rise.” This struck a deep cord of truth, because I’d experienced the deep all encompassing love of being supported and held by other women.

In my search for more information, I discovered a study from UCLA which proves that Oxytocin is released in both men and women as part of our natural stress response. What happens next makes the difference…The presence of Estrogen in women amplifies Oxytocin flow, whilst the rise of Testosterone in men diminishes Oxytocin levels.

Oxytocin is known as the “love” or “cuddle” hormone, and when it flows through womens bodies, it reduces stress and boosts love feelings.

With its natural rise, Oxytocin encourages bonding amongst women. So the more we gather in friendship, the more Oxytocin is released. It’s an organic wanting, a beautiful process encouraging togetherness.

When I first read the study, I wanted to go deeper, so pulled in threads from the Chakra and Meridian work that I do within Kinesiology sessions; threads that weave the physical, chemical, emotional and energetic aspects of our being into a whole.

Oxytocin is Associated with The Brow Chakra and the Pericardium and Triple Heater Meridians.

The Brow Chakra is all about accurate vision and perception, big picture and fine detail. It’s about our intuition and imagination, wise devotion and personal truth. It influences how we see ourselves and others in the world, and supports clear knowing and discernment. The Pericardium and Triple Heater Meridians are the twin pair that interact most directly with the Brow Chakra.

The Pericardium Meridian is the heart protector. Just like a gate that swings both ways, it promotes balanced expression from deep within your heart towards your environment, and draws connection from your relationships into your heart from the outside world.

The Triple Heater Meridian encourages the formation of healthy boundaries in all aspects of life. It’s also the regulator of balance between water energies (think intuitive flow of wisdom and cleansing emotions) and fire energies (think connection, community, engagement, and expression of spirit). Intimacy in life depends on the balance between the Pericardium Meridian and the Triple Heater Meridian… and intimacy is the deeper experience of life. Something we all crave.

All of this amplified through the conscious gathering of women in full support of one another.

When I pulled all of these threads together, I had flashes of my life over the last 12 months. When the deep need to gather sisters set in, and I marveled as they showed up, one at a time and then in groups. It also made me think of all the times I’ve forgone reaching out because I didn’t want to appear vulnerable.

Then there have been the times I’ve dismissed connection because there have been more important things to do, and it was better to just push through.

I know I’m not alone in all of this.

Find your sisters. The women who truly get you.

Together, you’ll fill one another


Article by Mel Farrugia – Kinesiologist, mentor, writer and eternal inspiration seeker

W: www.soulwellness.com.au

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