Why do we experience imbalance?

February 23, 2015

Balance is a very serendipitous theme for February as this short month holds the key to a very strong transitional time of the year. When we think about it, February marks the return to school, orientation week in Uni, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year.

It seems to be a time when things start getting serious and the holiday haze has well and truly washed itself off. It is in these moments that poise and balance is most important, after all, who would like to repeat the mistakes from last year? But, hey, this is life and sometimes karma (imbalance) has a way of creeping up on us…


So, what are some reasons that we experience imbalance?

1. We do not clearly define what is truly most important to us – we lose focus on what is most meaningful and productive in our lives and we end up having to deal lower priority tasks and other people’s agendas.

2. We set unrealistic expectations on others and ourselves. Expectations can lead to break down in communication by expecting ourselves or others to do actions that are not truly most important.

3. We don’t reflect on what we do each day to refine our actions and skills. Meditation, presence and self-reflection allows intuition to ‘speak up’ and help us master our destinies.

4. We don’t give ourselves permission to say ‘no’ to other people’s unrealistic expectations and low-priority distractions.

What emotions may causes these imbalances?

The two basic emotions, fear and guilt, are the most challenging emotions affecting our overall physical and emotional wellbeing. They can sabotage our vitality, imbalance our physiology and rob us of our inner poise. These two principle emotional feelings have been demonstrated to underlie the full spectrum and ever-growing number of psychosomatic illnesses.

What do I do?

Firstly, let’s be honest… we have all been there. Since the dawn of time humans have been getting themselves into all kinds of mischief and strife. So please don’t feel alone.

Secondly, remember that emotions like fear and guilt are our friend trying to steer us true.

Finally, there are simple methods of dissolving emotions in order to empower and free our minds.

Let’s do something great together. Wishing you all inspiration.


Article by Dr. Lorenzo Mirabelli


The health studio family. “Our wellness practice, our yoga space and collective family of minds understand it is their mission in life to help. Great strength lies in the power of oneness! ” 

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