Why Solo Travel Should Be On Your Bucket List

July 30, 2018

The thought of going on a solo trip can be a daunting prospect. From leaving your responsibilities at home or work, to worrying about safety, clothes to wear and to the fear of being lonely, anxiety could build up and stop you from actually doing it. To ease you into it, Health and Fitness Travel, experts in tailor-made healthy holidays, share reasons why you should give solo travels a try and cross off your bucket list.


Traveling solo gives you the space to reflect as you break away from the comforts of home and stresses of everyday life. As you spend your time with just you, you’re able to know yourself better as never before, learn your weaknesses and more importantly, your strengths. You will learn to like your own travel companion—you!

The world is yours for the taking

The world is your oyster! Travel to open doors for new opportunities to take hold of your own life. Do the things you’ve been shying away from. Learn a new skill, achieve a personal goal, get busy with a new hobby, dive, surf, or go on an adventure! Whatever you want to do.


When travelling solo you only have yourself to depend on when things aren’t right. There’s nothing like it that gives you an empowering feeling of confidence. You’ll have no other option but learn things for yourself—navigate through a strange city, learn languages, and best of all you call the shots. You make all the decisions and rely on no one but yourself.

No excess baggage

You’re responsible for no one’s enjoyment but your own. When travelling by yourself you are completely free to do what you want, when you want it. You’re able to go on holiday on your own whim, when it best suits you, and with no need to take into account other people’s commitments.

Meet new people

On a solo escape, the chances of meeting like-minded individuals are in your favour. Mingle with fellow guests and friendly locals. Secure your safety by sticking with a group as you enjoy new company on lunches, yoga classes, hikes and tours.

Find love

Love comes in many forms and you can find it everywhere from different cultures, people, languages, exotic food, places… Concentrate on your new surroundings and discover what your destination has to offer without it being filtered through anyone else’s perspective.

Uncover your potential

It is a challenging undertaking, from planning your trip to keeping track of your schedule, budget, safety, and belongings. It is not at all easy. But it is from these challenges that you allow yourself to learn and hone your senses, instincts, and street-smarts.


About Health and Fitness Travel

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Health and Fitness Travel offers clients a tailor-made seamless service with the very best health and fitness holidays, handpicked by its expert team, together with exclusive and added value packages with the best deals. As leading specialists, Health and Fitness Travel has also created their own collection of trademark healthy holidays in various destinations which include Fusion Fitness™ and Discover Recover™, offering clients the best value and holiday experience. For more information visit: www.healthandfitnesstravel.com.au


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