Yoga For New Mums

October 17, 2014

Dear New Mums…

We know there is a lot of information out there about the importance of yoga during pregnancy and it might seem daunting to start something new once the baby is born but yoga can really help with postnatal recovery.

Not only a gentle workout on the body, it will work on building a connection between your body and mind. Through a series of poses and practicing the yoga breathing technique yoga can not only help with your physical recovery but can help to balance your mental and emotional well-being during this new and challenging time.

We know new mums are so busy and exhausted that their own wellbeing takes a backseat. But this is a wonderful home practice that will give you the time for yourself by being present in your body and connecting with your breath.

It is recommended that you give yourself enough time to rest and heal after giving birth.  But once you feel ready we would love to help you achieve that connection with your body and mind.

TWOSIX YOGA offers a unique 1 on 1 or small group yoga session for new mums, we will come to you, we bring everything you need, we tailor the practice to your body and your needs, we talk through what outcomes you would like to see and we definitely have lots of fun!

The 45 – 60 minute work-out will work around you and your baby!

Here are some of the amazing benefits yoga can offer you post- pregnancy:

Increases brain activity

Increases range of motion in joints

Improves posture

Helps to increase strength, endurance, and energy levels

Improves sleep

Improves balance

Can lower blood pressure


Article by Bree Pagliuso – Co-Founder of TWOSIX Wellness 

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