Yoga Pose – Forward Folds

October 24, 2014

Prasarita Padottanasana – Wide-Legged Standing Forward Bend

In a yoga class you will often find yourself restoring in forward fold posses. A Forward bend looks very simple and easy to do, just don’t underestimate the power it can have on the mind and entire body.

Its important to remember yoga is not about being incredibly flexible and it certainly doesn’t matter how close you get your head or hands to the ground. What matters is that you learn to steady your legs and your spine while in your bend forward.

Try to include a forward fold into your everyday, a Forward Fold in the morning will wake up the spine and promote circulation through the body. A Forward Fold in the evening will calm the mind and slow down the heart rate and prepare you for a great sleep.



Clams the brain

Stimulates the liver and kidneys

Stretches the hamstrings, hips, calves

Strengthens your feet, ankles, and legs, shoulders and upper back

Lengthens the neck and spine

Improves digestion

Relives headache and insomnia


Lets get into the pose!

Stand tall in your Tadasana (Mountain Pose, neutral alignment)

Then take the feet wide – around 4 feet apart

Place you hands to your hips

Keep the feet parallel (arches of the feet should be in line with one another) and press down with all four corners of your feet.

Engage the legs by drawing the energy up the thighs

Slightly lift your chest as you inhale

On the exhale, fold forward from the hips- keep the middle body (chest) long

Take your fingers to the floor, directly under your shoulders

Try to keep the back of your neck nice and long,

Protect the knees by creating a slight bend- use the strength of the hamstrings to lengthen through the body

Avoid rounding through your back.

Keep space between the ears and shoulders, and let your head relax towards the floor.


Hold the pose for 30 seconds or 5 rounds of breathe….

To come out of the pose… Take several breaths to come up slowly. Bring your hands to your hips and slowly come up half way to a flat back, then lift all the way to standing, Step your feet together, come into Mountain Pose and relax the breathe.



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